Monday, 21 May 2018

Prestat Ruby Chocolate Bar

The launch of ruby chocolate was one that was fairly exciting for my chocolate loving self - I mean a 4th type of chocolate! That's exciting stuff. However the Ruby KitKat, I found, slightly underwhelming. I tried not to pass judgement too soon though, I mean this was ruby chocolate in 80p coated wafer form. It's never going to be the finest, so I waited, patiently for higher end alternatives to come out. Enter Prestat and their ruby chocolate bar.

Prestat Ruby Chocolate

With 47% cocoa solids it's a far cry away from the KitKat rendition and the packaging, well can we just appreciate how absolutely gorgeous it is! One of the prettiest wrappers I've seen in a while. Weighing in at 70g the bar is split into 6 sizeable pieces with a lovely pink huge. It had a lovely, light, sweet berry aroma which smelled creamier/had more dairy notes than the KitKat version.

Prestat Ruby Chocolate
This definitely followed through in the eat, this is what ruby chocolate should taste like! It has a rich, creamy flavour profile and melt with slightly sweet yet sour berry notes to it. It's missing the bitterness/cocoa notes associated with milk/dark chocolate and doesn't have as dominant dairy flavour as white chocolate does. Instead it takes you on a different journey, from sweet creamyness to slightly acidic berries/cherries.

Prestat Ruby Chocolate
I found myself enjoying this much more compared to the Ruby KitKat; it most definitely is a far superior chocolate bar in terms of showcasing the flavour profile of ruby chocolate. However I still found myself contemplating how much I liked it - I'd probably put it in 3rd position of my favourite chocolates currently - milk, white, ruby and then dark. I think it'll possibly be one of those flavours that will grow on me as more and more formats are launched using ruby chocolate. Nevertheless if you want to try a good ruby chocolate bar right now steer clear of KitKat and opt for this instead. 

Prestat Ruby Chocolate

Taste - 8.1/10 - Sweet creamy eat balanced with fruity acidic undertones. 
Texture - 8.5/10 - Smooth, rich melt. 
Appearance - 9.6/10 - I adore the packaging!!
Price - 9.3/10 - At £3.25 this is an absolute bargain and a great entry point for someone looking to try ruby chocolate.
Overall - 8.9/10 - Top notch ruby chocolate bar from Prestat.
Anyone looking for a good quality ruby chocolate to try.

Prestat stockists and online here.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Milkybar Wowsomes Cocoa Bar

Nestlé have been on top of their NPD game recently, the first chocolate brand to use ruby chocolate in a product and also with the release of their new Wowsomes bars with world first innovation to reduce the sugar content by 30%. It's not sweetened with any sweeteners and still uses "standard" sugar but the structure has been altered to create an aerated and porous sugar that dissolves more quickly in the mouth; allowing someone to perceive the same sweetness as before whilst consuming less actual sugar.

Milkybar Wowsomes

Filled with a crispy oat/creamy centre and coated in Milkybar white chocolate they've been launched in 2 flavours - cocoa (with a milk chocolate filling) and white (with a white chocolate filling) and across 3 formats - pouch sharing bags, single bars and packs of single bars. It'll be the cocoa that I'm reviewing today in single bar format.

First things first these bars are small, weighing in at 18g and retailing at 60p it's certainly not the best value for money. Each bar contains just under 100kcal and ~7g sugar, with the bar being broken into 3 pieces. I kind of feel that making these bars tiny almost defeats the purpose of them, if you were to eat any bar of chocolate this small it would be "better" for you and "lower calorie/sugar". I know there's the technology behind it as well but at 18g it almost feels you're being cheated slightly, lower calorie ice creams etc still at least have the same volume of ice cream. Plus this doesn't massively impact the calories - standard Milkybar - 543kcal (52.6g sugar) vs Milkybar Wowsomes - 527kcal (36.6g), translate this to an 18g bar - Milkybar 98kcal (9.5g sugar) vs Milkybar Wowsomes 95kcal (6.6g sugar).

Milkybar Wowsomes Breaking the bar into the three pieces you can clearly see the slightly creamy, slightly crunchy and oaty filling. I was quite disappointed to see that the layer of white chocolate is quite small though. Also taking a bite I felt the taste was slightly different, it's weird as it doesn't actually have any sweeteners in it but it tastes like it does. Obviously I don't have a like for like product to compare to as Milkybar don't make this product in standard format so I'd be interested to see how this compared to if they hadn't made it with the sugar technology.

That's not to say it tastes bad, it's pleasant enough, just a bit different. The Milkybar is creamy with sweet dairy notes and the cocoa filling adds a bit more of a richness to it. The textural contrast is nice, it kind of reminded me of the Oreo filling in Dairy Milk with the contrast of the crispy oats replicating the Oreo pieces and the creamy cocoa filling replicating the white cream. It's quite moreish, but then you reach the end of the 3 pieces and feel a bit dissatisfied.

I think it's amazing that Nestlé have managed to use this technology but I can't help but thinking that in this format it's not necessarily going to take off. For me anything with a calorie/sugar reduction should come in the same size format - the whole point for me is same volume and less calories. Also at 60p for 18g it just doesn't scream value for money. I'll be interested to see what comes of the technology though.

Taste - 6.4/10 - Oddly enough it tastes like it has sweeteners in even though it doesn't, pleasant enough but not amazing.
Texture - 6.7/10 - Creamy with a hint of crunch from the oats.
Appearance - 6.8/10 - Looks ok, nothing special.
Price - 4.2/10 - Unfortunately I don't think it's good value for money at all.
Overall - 6.0/10 - It's an average bar in terms of taste/texture and calorie/sugarwise I kind of just don't see the point especially with the size they've done it in. It's interesting technology and a good marketing message but not sure whether it translates well enough into the end product.
It's a nice brand extension for Milkybar if you enjoy that and in terms of anyone looking for portion control it ticks the boxes there.

I think only Tesco + Morrison's have these in stock currently.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Delicata Sparkling Happiness wit Framboos Cheesecake (Raspberry Cheesecake) Chocolate

Well it eventually seems as if summer is on its way and although chocolate does seem to fall slightly off the radar in these hot temperatures, nobody really wants a melted bar of chocolate vs a cooling ice cream, there are some flavours which scream summer and still have to be eaten. Therefore I thought it was about time that I cracked open this Delicata Sparkling Happiness Raspberry Cheesecake bar I picked up in Amsterdam.

Raspberry Cheesecake Bar Delicata Sparkling Happiness

I loved the milk stroopwafel bar I reviewed here so I had high hopes for the raspberry cheesecake white chocolate bar. The bar is a white chocolate base, with yoghurt powder blended through (I presume to give that slightly tangy cheesecake flavour) with the addition of dried raspberry pieces and biscuit pieces dotted throughout. As with the stroopwafel bar the pieces are really chunky and thick.

Raspberry Cheesecake Bar Delicata Sparkling Happiness
I've had experiences in the past where the combination of raspberry + white chocolate can be cloying and throat burningly sweet. Thankfully this isn't the case here, the white chocolate base is really creamy with 25% milk solids and has a very subtle tang to it, the raspberry is sharp and fruity and provides a nice contrast in the bar. The raspberry pieces are distributed evenly throughout the bar meaning you at least get a bit in every mouthful and thankfully they don't impede the texture at all, breaking down easily in the mouth.
Raspberry Cheesecake Bar Delicata Sparkling Happiness

However I coudn't help but feel something was missing, cheesecake to me should always have a biscuit element and unfortunately there's only a small bit of it in here. I would have loved to have had a lot crushed up biscuit pieces to add another element to the eat, both in terms of flavour and texture, but unfortunately there's only the odd bit here and there.

Raspberry Cheesecake Bar Delicata Sparkling Happiness
It's a really tasty bar and definitely one I'll thoroughly enjoyed eating, I just think it would have been better off named "with Raspberry Yoghurt", as effectively there isn't even really a cream cheese element in here, so cheesecake it is not and would have helped to avoid disappointing us cheesecake lovers.

Taste - 7.6/10 - Creamy white chocolate with a subtle yoghurt tang, freshness from the raspberries.

Texture - 6.6/10 - Felt it was lacking a little in the crushed biscuit department.
Appearance - 8.2/10 - Bar looks great and really good sizeable chunks.
Price - 7.2/10 - €2.49 is pretty good value for money.
Overall - 7.4/10 - It may not have ticked the cheesecake box but it was still a pretty tasty bar.
If you can get past the fact that this is meant to be replicating cheesecake I think most white chocolate lovers would enjoy this.

I picked this up from an Albert Heijn store in Amsterdam, I believe it should be avaiable across all of their stores in Holland.