Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Belfine Chocolate Elves

Ah, the highlight of my Christmas, 3 Belfine chocolate elves, one unfortunately got eaten before being photographed, and a chocoalte santa, these were the only major chocolate thing, other than my Hotel Chocolat sleekster box that I actually asked for in terms of chocolate things for Christmas, I saw these in my local Fenwicks store and just fell in love, they were so cute and the chocolate looked so creamy; unfortunately however they sold out straight away so my family managed to get me them online from Selfridges, I was so pleased opening them on Christmas morning to see these cute cheeky Elves & santa peeping out of the wrapping paper at me..and looking forward to seeing what the chocolate was like!
Belfine is a Belgian chocolate company, specialising in moulded cute chocolate figurines, lollies and presses and make their chocolate using finely roasted Madagascan cocoa beans, the bean gives a light red warm colour to their chocolate and gives a unique yet creamy flavour whilst enhancing the flavour with natural vanilla.
On opening the elves you feel slightly cruel either breaking them up..or just biting their head off straight away! However the chocolate has an amazing texture, it's extremely creamy, not soft I would say, but when breaking it has a good snap without being dry/crumbly/waxy and comes off in large chunks! Yum!
The taste I would describe as a very creamy classic Belgian chocolate, a very rich & milk flavour without an overpowering cocoa flavour that comes through throughout eating the chocolate, it was one of the creamiest chocolates I've tasted without being sickly and the smooth shiny texture suggested good quality. Would I buy Belfine again? Yes definately, especially if all their products are just as cute as this!

Belfine Chocolate Elves & Santa

Belfine Chocolate Elves & Santa

Belfine Chocolate Elves & Santa

Taste - 9/10 - Extremely creamy, your classic Belgian chocolate, cocoa flavour not particularly strong but definately tasty.
Texture - 10/10 - Creamy, satisfying, smooth, not dry or crumby whatsoever.
Appearance - 10/10 - So unbelievably cute, the chocolate also has a good sheen to it, doesn't look dry.
Price - 6/10 - At £11.99 for these little elves & santa it is quite pricey, definately just for a present for festive occasions.
Overall - 9/10 - Although slightly let down by their price I just couldn't score these low, I know they not be what any fine chocolate lover would enjoy but they're cute and just perfect for Christmas and surprisingly the Belgian chocolate is satisfyingly good.

Find Belfine chocolates at www.belfine.com

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  1. If ever I want any special chocolate then I would have to buy it myself I dont think that I could rely on my family to get it for me.

    The only person that I know would get it for me is James (but LOL that is because I have trained him well) ;o)