Sunday, 13 February 2011

Booja Booja Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

I hadn't heard of Booja Booja chocolates until recently and boy if you haven't you are certainly missing out on a treat. Booja Booja is an independent manufacturer of organic chocolates based in Norfolk and oh my.. these chocolates are the whole sense of the word and they seem pretty guilt free; firstly they are dairy free for anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance or is a vegan but these Raspberry Chocolate Truffles are also 100% cacao, raw, sourced from Ecuador, with no added sugar, cholesterol free and gluten free...they definately don't sound like the usual chocolates! They only contain about 5 ingredients all of which are natural, no nasty artificial preservatives or flavours chucked in there and are beautifully presented in a little black and pink box.

Booja Booja Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

I was really interested in seeing what these were going to be like, I'd never tried anything like this before and was worried that they might be really bitter or just..odd, I was in such a shock, after removing them from the fridge, where they are meant to be stored and letting them return to room temperature I popped one onto a plate and cut it in half to see what it looked like...the texture looks amazing..however it felt in the mouth a million times better.
The texture is like velvet, pure velvet, it's so amazingly smooth and luxurious I've never felt anything like it before in a truffle before, you don't get any sticky or claggy feeling it just slides down beautifully.

So ok the texture is perfect but what about the taste, surprisingly it's not bitter at all but just has the right hints of just about everything, you can taste the warming lovely depth of the cacao and the slight darker edge from the dusting of cocoa that enrobes the truffle but then you also get the florally sweet raspberry tangs that come through and keep the taste buds excited. These are truffles like I have never tried before and I loved them, they definately feel like an exquisite treat for a King or a Queen and for anyone who loves something rich and sumptuous without the guilt these are most certainly the chocolate for you!

Booja Booja Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

Taste - 9/10 - Something really different, a lovely well balanced chocolate that leaves you feel like you've had a real treat without all the nasty additives!
Texture - 10/10 - I have never felt a texture like this in a chocolate, literally heaven in a truffle form!
Appearance -8/10 - Not the prettiest of chocolates, but they do remind me of little jewels slightly and the taste more than makes up for them not being amazingly decorated in any different way.
Price - 9/10 - These box of 2 truffles RRP for around £1.35-£1.50 which to be honest for this good quality chocolate is not bad at all.
Overall - 9/10 - I loved these chocolates and I would be really interested in trying more of the Booja Booja range, they offer something really different and for all the health conscious people out there who want a treat of chocolate now and again but don't want to compensate on taste you will adore these!

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  1. they look nice...

    ...when I have finished my current supply then I will get some ;o)

  2. I can't take your word for it--I'm going to have to do my own taste test! ;)