Sunday, 20 February 2011

Charbonnel et Walker Banoffee Truffles

I've never tried any of the Charbonnel et Walker range before so when I saw these little beauties peeping out at me amongst all their normal champagne truffles etc I just couldn't resist in seeing what they were like; although I'm not a huge fan of alcoholic chocolates...I am actually coming round and now I don't mind it when truffles have a dash of alcohol in them, I am starting to appreciate it just adds to the complexity of the flavour and these banoffee truffles only had a small dash of vodka in them just to preserve I would presume.
I love pretty much all things banana flavoured..apart from actual bananas oddly enough..but I had never tried banana in a chocolate so was really excited to try these and hoped that I would like them.
They're presented in a lovely elegant round golden yellow box and on opening you receive 8 generous sized truffles each in their own little case, oh yum you just want to dive in straight away!
Charbonnel et Walker Banoffee Truffles
On taking out the chocolate you feel that you are going to be in for such a treat, the chocolates are really substantially sized and feels like it's going to be a really indulgent treat and oh what a rich & indulgent treat it was, the chocolates are proportioned excellently with a thick chocolate outer case leading way to a silky rich gooey toffee centre that is so thick & sumptuous, although the filling could be perceived as sickly sweet it is so in a moreish rich way where you just want to continue eating more & more!
Charbonnel et Walker Banoffee Truffles
The filling predominantly tastes of a sweet toffee with only slight hints of banana coming through and although it was tasty I would have liked to have more a strong banana flavour in them; although sometimes this can be hard to achieve without it tasting too artificial I feel that the banana was slightly overpowered by the toffee.

For a truffle this is definately on the rich side, you would only need 1 to satisfy your chocolate craving or else it could get a bit too much. Nevertheless I definately would be intrigued to try more of the Charbonnel et Walker truffle range just to explore how their flavours work within their other selections as obviously they are good chocolatiers.
Charbonnel et Walker Banoffee Truffles

Taste - 7/10 - I did enjoy the flavour of them but they were quite rich and I would have liked to experience more of a banana flavour rather than just the traditional toffee.
Texture - 9/10 - A rich sumptuous texture experience with a thick chocolate outer shell encasing a gorgeous thick gooey toffee truffle centre.
Appearance - 8/10 - The box is beautiful and the chocolates inside are pretty in a simplistic sort of way.
Price - 7/10 - At £10 a box for 8 chocolates these are quite expensive and obviously offer no variety, these are a box of 8 of the same truffles so be sure to buy them for someone who likes them a lot!
Overall - 7.5/10 - I did enjoy these and I think they do offer something a bit different compared to your normal chocolate truffles just for me I was slightly let down by the lack of banana flavour.

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  1. LOVE your blog..all of these chocolate creations are simply gorgeous and mouth watering! Banoffee chocolates? OMG!

  2. There's just nothing like a GOOD truffle!