Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Chocolate Reviews

Welcome to this blog,
It's going to be a blog where I review and rate chocolate, after receiving a lot of chocolate over the festive period I have decided that I would really like to get into the art of proper chocolate tasting and reviewing and not just gobble chocolate down but to taste it properly for all its fine flavours, scents, aromas, textures, apperance etc. I will start by reviewing all my chocolate I got given for Christmas and then once this is completed will move onto new chocolates or anything unusual I see about, I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and that my chocolate reviews become useful for you in terms of what good chocolates to buy that are out there!
I will be rating each chocolate on its look, its texture, its apperance, its taste, its quality, its price and overall how I would rank it.


  1. This is a great idea and hopefully will sort out the good from the not so good! Hopefully, you will give a true picture of what is out there and educate peoples pallet to define the taste of chocolate just like when tasting a wine or malt whisky.

  2. And you've got a great blog name for it! What would be cool to add (imho) is a shop or a link - getting you commission of course - to where the visitor is able to buy your wonderful tasting / awesome looking chocolates... You know: with music blogs you can download mp3s, and with a choc-blog you can "get it here!". (Ads aren't that relevant...)

  3. Yeh ive added a few links here and there where you can get the stuff, I've done it most recently with my Belfine elves and I am advertising Hotel Chocolat on the site as you can see to the right, I've also contacted companies about affiliate programs etc but just waiting to hear back!