Sunday, 6 February 2011

Festive Lindt Characters

I have yet to find a simple milk chocolate that I prefer to Lindt, I don't know what it is about it, everything I suppose, the texture is amazingly creamy but not sickly, it's sweet but doesn't cause a horrible burning feeling of too much sugar, the cocoa notes are there but not overpoweringly dark and it has a slight note of something that for so long I just didn't know what it was...well I figured it out now, malt!! It has a slight malt flavour that comes through just at the end along with a rich creamy milky flavour. The apperance of it is of a light brown milky colour with a good shine that suggests it contains a large amount of cream/milk and has been tempered well. The chocolate that I had was of the Festive Character variety but you can also buy it in the variety of just a normal bar, or since it is getting close to Easter in the form of their famous Lindt bunnies all over!

Lindt Chocolate SantaLindt Chocolate Santa
Undressing the chocolate!

Lindt Chocolate Reindeer
Lindt Chocolate Reindeer

Taste - 10/10 - Yet to find a milk chocolate that I prefer...hope that on my tasting adventures I will find some to rival it!
Texture - 9/10 - Melts perfectly on the tongue, ultra creamy, not gritty in the slightest.
Apperance - 9/10 - Light milky colour and comes in cute seasonal shapes!
Price - 9/10 - I got my figurines in the sale but for a 100g bar its £1.99 at most shops, which is pretty good!
Overall - 9/10 - I couldn't really fault Lindt chocolate on much to be honest, but it's quite early in my blogging days to give anything a 10/10 yet and I want to experience different chocolates before giving that good old 10 out too soon!

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  1. I have never been a huge fan of Lindt chocolate (but I will eat it if its lieing around) ;o)

    Of the cheaper stuff I prefer Cadburys and galaxy.