Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hotel Chocolat For My Mummy Box of Chocolates

Oh yes you all know how much of a fan I am of Hotel Chocolat so I was delighted when I got sent these little beauties to review for Mother's Day, you know you definately can't go wrong buying your Mum some good old chocolates, I have yet to meet a woman who would object, but would these chocolates live up to my expectations of my usual delicious Hotel Chocolat experience?

When I opened the package I firstly loved how these were presented, they look really spring like and are beautifully presented in a pale yellow box detailing the 4 different chocolates you get in the box, you get 2 of each, so 8 in total; a Mousse au Chocolat, Liquid Caramel, Strawberry Love and a House Praline.

Hotel Chocolat For My Mummy Box

However on opening them they looked even more tempting, all chocolates are a good substantial size and the Liquid Caramel and Strawberry Love are both heart shaped to add a bit of a different touch for this seasonal box for Mum, how pretty! I love how Hotel Chocolat add these little details to their special boxes, it's stuff like this that makes each box a different experience!
Hotel Chocolat For My Mummy Box

I started on the Strawberry Love Chocolate first, visually I think it looked the most appealing and it was the only one of Hotel Chocolat's in this box that I hadn't tried before, it consisted of a strawberry ganache encased in a thick white chocolate shell and oh my it was beautiful : fruit, creamy & deliciously smooth. I know I may not be a big fan of solid white chocolate but I definately have a soft spot for them when they are filled with such fruity delicious fillings as this.

Hotel Chocolat For My Mummy Box

I then moved onto the House Praline, which as always with Hotel Chocolat's pralines hit the spot perfectly for me, it was so gorgeously hazelnutty and the filling is always so rich and smooth without having to compromise on the thick chunky shell encasing it. To contrast with the richness in the House Praline there comes along the Liquid Caramel, also heart shaped it consists of a amazingly smooth liquid caramel encased in a thick milk chocolate shell and this is like a caramel you have never had before it's literally drinkable and on eating if you have to be careful that the chocolate doesn't spill anywhere! It's certainly not your normally gooey sticky Dairy Milk Caramel!

The final chocolate in the box that I tried was the Mousse au Chocolat, to me the texture of this one felt a biut more like a ganache, it wasn't really particularly moussy but more creamy and rich, despite it probably being my least favourite chocolate of the box I certainly still did enjoy it as it was heavenly rich and sumptuous providing a wonderful creamy texture on the tongue on eating.
Hotel Chocolat For My Mummy Box

To me this box most certainly delivers, it offers 4 chocolates that pretty much anyone is going to like, no complex flavours, nothing filled with alcohol, just 4 good quality chocolates. With each chocolate offering a different texture and flavour it offers something for everyone, a fruity chocolate, your classic praline, a thick moussy chocolate and a smooth liquid caramel it offers contrast on both flavours and texture and with 2 of each it's perfect to steal one of the chocolates you've bought for mum without feeling too guilty!!

Taste - 9/10 - As always Hotel Chocolat delivers on delicious taste, although the liquid caramel and the mousse au chocolat aren't my favourites of the range I fell in love with the Strawberry pun intended and of course my favourites, the praline!

Texture - 10/10 - The chocolates offer such a good range of textures within the box whilst only displaying 4 chocolates and each one has a good thick substantial shell to encase all those different delicious fillings!

Appearance - 9/10 - Presented in a beautiful box and with 2 of the chocolates being even shaped differently for Mother's Day this definately offers a nice different touch to your classic box of chocolates.

Price - 9/10 - You can buy these for £6.50 at Hotel Chocolat, it is a decent box of chocolates that isn't going to break the bank but still show Mum that you care!

Overall - 9.5/10 - Presented beautifully, taste beautiful and doesn't consist of any chocolates that could possibly be left in the box, you'll definately want to buy one box for Mum and one for yourself!!

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  1. OMG! So early for Mother's Day chocolate. But I don't mind at all if I were to be given some for review. Those chocolates has my name all over! :D

  2. those look like scrummy Mothers Day chocolates...

  3. Kiran, Mother's Day in the UK is much earlier than it is in thr States, weird right since we seem to share the same dates on all other holidays!