Friday, 4 February 2011

Hotel Chocolat Tiddly Caramel Chocolate Santa's

These lovely little things are the same chocolate as the Christmas Tree was in the Hotel Chocolat Sleekster box, they came in a pack of 8 for £6 and they were so tasty, I don't know why but I think I enjoyed them more than I did the caramel tree in the selection box, I'm not sure why as obviously the chocolate recipe was the same but maybe it was because there was more of these so I got to appreciate the chocolate caramel flavour of it more.
The texture was amazingly smooth and creamy and the chocolate had a nice shine to it, when biting into the chocolate it wasn't hard or crunchy at all but had a much smoother texture and melted perfectly on the tongue, it had slight hints of caramel but nothing too strong that made it unbearable, I sensed slight woody notes in it as well. There was no bitter aftertaste but just a warming satisfying feeling that followed, definately an excellent quality chocolate & a good buy!
Tiddly Caramel Chocolate Santas Hotel Chocolate

Taste - 8/10 - Not sure why but found these more enjoyable than the caramel chocolate in the Sleekster collection, extra creamy and not too sweet yum!
Texture - 10/10 - Couldn't fault the texture, ultra smooth, melt in the mouth, not gritty in the slightest.
Appearance - 9/10 - Again couldn't really fault it at all, extremely cute moulded pieces of chocolate whilst still giving a nice sheen of good quality chocolate.
Price - 7/10 - For £6 for 8 pieces they aren't too bad, not too expensive not dirt cheap, but you're paying for the quality.
Overall - 9/10 - I really enjoyed these, to be honest I couldn't really fault them too much, perfect for kids, perfect for adults, taste great, look great, yum!


  1. I wasnt sure which chocolate to go for tonight - but I have now decided to go for the chocolate santa ;o)

  2. Oh yes you definately should!! He's so good! You almost feel cruel eating him!