Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hotel Chocolat Xmas Turkey Slab

Sale chocolate is the way forward! I got this little beauty for I think it was either 50/70% off in the Hotel Chocolat Christmas sale, the sound of it really intrigued me it was milk chocolate swirled with caramel chocolate with the taste of mince pies (spices, fruits and slight crunchy pieces)...hmmm now I am not normally a huge fan of mince pies, I don't like them at all, but in chocolate I wondered whether this would work for me. Of course the size of the bar is always good, it was a thick 100g block with a caramel chocolate turkey pressed into the centre, it had a good crisp clean snap to it when breaking a cube off and I liked how even although on the front it looked like it would be hard to break into equal portions on the back it was actually divided into squares. The chocolate had a very smooth texture but very small dried fruits and crunch at times were found deep within the chocolate, it had the strong taste of cocoa but as the chocolate melted down the back of the throat the hints of the spices and fruits came through, and although the festive flavours were there they weren't too much for a mince pie hater! The chocolate was then finely finished with a slight sweet kick that came through from the slightly sweeter caramel chocolate that was swirled through.

Hotel Chocolat Xmas Turkey Slab

Taste - 7/10 - It's not the nicest chocolate flavour I've tried..maybe slightly too filled with spices and fruits but I did enjoy it, it was definately something different that I hadn't seen out there before.
Texture - 8/10 - As always Hotel Chocolat didn't fail to disappoint on the thick smooth creamy texture front.
Appearance - 10/10 - Beautifully presented, it was actually the look of this chocolate that directed me towards it, beautifully swirled and pressed with a gorgeous caramel chocolate turkey.
Price - 8/10 - It had normally been £3.95 I think but I got it for the reduced price of £1.62! Which to me seems a bargain for good Hotel Chocolat.
Overall - 8/10 - Although I was slightly overpowered by the taste of the chocolate, overall when looking at how it performed I would feel slightly on the harsh side giving it a 7, I did enjoy it, and would I buy it again? Maybe if I fancied something a bit different from the norm..but otherwise I think I would just stick to my less mince pie flavoured chocolates!


  1. this looks utterly scrummy...

    ...did you get the advent calendar? The chocolate turkey was behind a couple of the windows ;o)

  2. No i didnt!! The advent calendar looked so yummy though, was it nice?

  3. it was, although I had a bad cold just before Christmas so I didnt get to enjoy my chocolates until after Christmas!