Monday, 14 February 2011

Miss Coco Hot Chocolate Dips

The latest thing that seems to be being brought out by chocolate companies is these delicious little hot chocolates stirrers/dips; instead of the usual powdered or syrup hot chocolates that can sometimes leave you feeling a bit let down these incorporate real chocoloate to stir into your warm milk to leave you with a creamy frothy indulgent hot chocolate. Quite a lot of them however seem to be odd flavours, whisky flavoured or rum flavoured for example and me, not really being big on alcoholic chocolates anyway don't think I would fancy them in a hot chocolate.
However these little hot chocolate dips by a chocolate company called Miss Coco were right up my street. Miss Coco is an independent chocolatier located in Glasgow and her chocolates flaunt sparkle, girliness and pretty feminine styles, what woman wouldn't love these?!
They are presented in a lovely long cylinder tube with clear details of ingredients and instructions printed on the side.
Miss Coco Hot Chocolate Dip

Inside lies a wonderful thing, a wooden spoon thickly coated with a large chunk of belgian chocolate pressed with marshmallows and strawberry chocolate, oh yum this sounds nice!! It smelled absoloutely delicious and I couldn't wait to try it in it's true form..stirred into warm frothy milk!!

Miss Coco Hot Chocolate Dip

On stirring into the warm milk it produces the most gorgeous, velvety, luxurious hot chocolate and makes you feel extremely naughty when you're left with a thick warm chocolatey mess to lick off the spoon!! It's just like being a little child again when you're left with all the chocolate round your mouth!! Me eating chocolate? No!
The chocolate is a delicious creamy belgian chocolate but on sipping the hot chocolate you get the slight hints of strawberry throughout, this definately doesn't taste of the powdered stuff, it's so smooth and satisfying even made with my 0% skimmed milk!!

Miss Coco Hot Chocolate Dip
Despite these hot chocolate dips being absoloutely beautiful in their true form I know they are equally as tasty just eaten in their pure form straight off the spoon..yes I did do this with my 2nd one..the shame!!

Taste - 8/10 - Lovely and creamy Belgian chocolate with nice small hints of strawberry, one of the nicest hot chocolates I've had in a while!
Texture - 9/10 - Produces such a creamy hot chocolate that it's actually quite upsetting when you reach the bottom of the cup! I definately could drink more!
Appearance - 9/10 - Really pretty in the way that it's presented, love the addition of the marshmallows popped on top and the ribbon of strawberry chocolate.
Price - 8/10 - These RRP for £2.50, which to be honest is pretty good when you think that Starbucks sell their hot chocolates for much more than this!
Overall - 8/10 - A really nice girly idea, for a warming girls night in with cosy dressing gown, slippers and creamy hot chocolate in hand!

If you're interested in trying any of Miss Coco's wonderful girly chocolates you can visit her website and see them here.


  1. Chocolate dip?? Gimme some :) Well, I wanted to say thanks for dropping in my blog :)

  2. That looks delicious! I want one...