Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Moko Chocoholics Box of Chocolate Truffles

Moko chocolates is a new mail-order chocolate company based in Newstead Village, Nottinghamshire, they are the latest edition to a flower delivery company and specialise in sending chocolates throughout the UK and offer free first class delivery on any order.

I was quite intrigued about Moko, they didn't seem like the usual chocolatier, having its roots in a Floral Company I was wondering whether they would have managed to diversify effectively into a high quality chocolate company.

It seems they definately have their postage and packaging mastered, my chocolates were beautifully posted in a long pink box and would definately be suitable to send someone as a gift without the hassle of having to package them up yourself or paying the extremely high costs of some other chocolatiers that deliver. The customer service I received throughout my time trying to receive the chocolates I couldn't fault, my first poor box got lost in the post so Moko chocolates specially arranged for the 2nd box to be hand-delivered by courier to make sure they got to me, now that's what I call chocolate service!

Moko Chocoholics Truffle Box

However when it came to tasting the chocolates I was quite disappointed, I wanted these to be much so nicer, the menu card that came inside the box of 30 truffles sounded so enticing, containing 10 different types of truffle, 3 of each, including : Tiramisu, Single Malt, Rum n Ready, Valencia Orange, Champers Darling, Strawberry Fields, Dandy Brandy, New Yorker (coffee), Irish Cream and Too Smooth (praline).

Moko Chocoholics Truffle Box

Yum they sounded beautiful yet as soon as I put them in my mouth I just couldn't taste much depth of flavour, all I really got was a sugary taste with not much taste of cocoa or chocolate at all. I thought that this might have just been unlucky with me picking a bad chocolate to start with but as I worked my way through the box I found they all tasted pretty much the same and anyone who likes alcoholic truffles will definately feel a bit deflated at the lack of depth of alcohol in them.

Moko Chocoholics Truffle Box

When I came to try the Strawberry Fields chocolate, " a lush blend of white ganache and strawberry goodness" I thought I had finally hit on a chocolate I was actually going to enjoy, on first tasting it seemed lovely, fruity, not overly sweet but on swallowing you are suddenly hit with an extremely artificial flavour at the back of your throat.

Moko Chocoholics Truffle Box

Even my normal favourite the praline I didn't enjoy, instead of a smooth luxurious filling I normally experience I was confronted with an almost play-doh like texture within the truffle leaving my mouth feeling all claggy.

Moko Chocoholics Truffle Box

The texture of the chocolates was pretty much the same throughout, although the proportion of the chocolates was good, a thick chocolate shell with a substantial filling, the actual textures of the filling were all the same, thick & dense, with no real contrast. It just seemed like a lot of sugar and vegetable fat had been added to these chocolates during the process of making, they were to me just your normal commercial chocolates. I would probably place them in between a box of Milk Tray and a box of Thorntons.

Although I didn't particularly enjoy them they definately fit into the commercial market and Moko have the image of their company perfected, targeting females sending chocolates as gifts in pretty pink boxes, and I'm sure there will be many people out there who will absoloutely adore them, they offer beautifully packaged chocolate gifts posted directly to your door; however for me they were just another run of the mill chocolate box and a bit too commercial. I know many people will adore them, my family did for starters, after I had done my tasting session of all the truffles they also sampled them and thought they were heavenly, this shows there is a market out there for them it is just far more commercially catered rather than high quality gourmet.

Taste - 5/10 - I wanted them to be so much nicer, since they looked beautiful! Unfortunately looks can sometimes be deceiving and I didn't enjoy eating them as much as looking at them.
Texture - 5/10 - The texture of them was all pretty much the same, thick dense and a bit play-doh like due to the large additions of vegetable fat I would imagine.
Appearance - 8/10 - The chocolates looked beautiful and they were gorgeously presented in their pink packaging, definately appealing to all the females out there!
Price - 7/10 - At £19.99 for 30 chocolates truffles including delivery this is a pretty good deal and would definately make a nice gift to send someone.
Overall - 6/10 - I wanted to like these so much more than I did, they looked beautiful just let me down when popped into my mouth.

To view Moko's chocolate range you can visit their online website and enjoy sending these without the worry of paying for delivery -