Thursday, 3 February 2011

Natalie's White Chocolate Polar Bear

This review is another novelty item I received, this one however is much smaller..but equally as cute, he's a little polar bear wearing a Santa's hat cast in white chocolate with slight milk and dark decorations. Again I wouldn't say that white chocolate is my favourite chocolate by any means, I have yet to find a white chocolate that doesn't make my tongue burn with the sugar...however this one came quite close. He wasn't too sickly sweet but actually had quite nice hints of a vanillery flavour; the texture was extremely good quality and very creamy..not grainy at all..which sometimes you can find with white chocolate, he melted perfectly on the tongue and didn't have a sweet sharp after taste at all. If you like your white chocolate you will love Natalie's White Chocolate especially in this cute little polar bear form, for me I wouldn't say it was amazing, but then I don't LOVE white chocolate, but for a small little treat it's one to go for as he most definatley can be eaten all in one go weighing only 36g.

Natalie's White Chocolate Polar Bear

Taste - 6/10 - Ok it's probably just cause I'm not just amazed by white chocolate, I never really get any complexity of flavour with it..but it deserves more than half marks.
Texture - 8/10 - The texture was pretty good, not gritty at all, it didn't feel like sugar was melting in my mouth, it was actually quite creamy.
Appearance - 8/10 - The chocolate had a nice shine to it, suggesting it was of a good quality and he was extremely cute!
Price - 6/10 For £1.75 for this small polar bear it's quite a bit, but hey, I guess you're paying for the novelty of it all.
Overall - 7/10 - Overall I would have to give this a 7/10..white chocolate lovers would probably give it more and I do recognise that it is definate good quality chocolate..probably just not one for me.

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