Tuesday, 22 February 2011

P&T Chocolate Stars

P&T are a Dutch chocolate company created in 2002 and specialise in luxury chocolate gifts for pretty much every occasion, I'd never tried any of their chocolates before and actually received these chocolate stars as a gift for Christmas.
I liked how the chocolate stars came in white,milk and dark chocolate so in the event of you getting too sick of one kind you could always opt for a different flavour star to tempt your taste buds. Whatever mood you were in whether for sweet white or a more dense luxurious dark flavour you could dip your hand into these stars and come out satisfied.

The size of the stars is perfect, just a small mouthful enough to perfectly taste the chocolate and to pop into your mouth in times of a chocolate fix and the great design of the packaging means that these don't have to be all consumed in one go and can easily be sealed back up without the chocolate receiving too much contact with the air.

P&T Chocolate Stars

In terms of the flavour of these chocolates I was hoping that this wouldn't be like your cheap commercial chocolate gifts you can sometimes get; thankfully they weren't, much to my delight the white chocolate didn't have that overloaded with sugar feel. It was light & creamy with gorgeous vanilla notes and instead of being extremely sweet it was more milky and vanilla dense.
On moving onto the milk chocolate, my favourite, this was beautiful, it melted gorgeously on the tongue with slight musky woody notes ending on a gorgeously creamy finish, it was well balanced and reminded me slightly of the creamy Belgian/Swiss Chocolates you often find. Finally the dark chocolate, providing the strongest flavour depth it had slight fruity notes and was quite acidic providing a wonderful warming sensation in the mouth on melting with a slight sweetness coming through on swallowing!
These were actually much better than I expected, I was fearful of cheap chocolate alas this was not the case and provided a wonderful taste & texture experience that just made you keep wanting to go back for another star..and another..and another!!

P&T Chocolate Stars

Taste - 8/10 - All of the chocolates had a wonderful flavour, none were too sweet and the contrast in the 3 flavours stopped you getting sick of it too early!
Texture - 8/10 - Wonderful texture, a good small size to just pop in the mouth and let the creaminess of the chocolate melt on your tongue.
Appearance - 9/10 - Loved how they were packaged with a transparent star centre so you could see inside and each individual chocolate being star shaped.
Price - 7/10 - At £5.99 these aren't too bad for 150g of chocolate and the fact all the stars are smaller than usual chocolate chunks it makes you feel like you are getting a lot more.
Overall - 8/10 - A lot better than I was expecting, a good quality chocolate that would be perfect as a bit of a different gift for someone.

To see the rest of P&T Chocolate range you can visit their website here, unfortunately their website is in Dutch so if you want to understand any of it the help of Google Translate is needed unless you can speak fluent Dutch!


  1. they look nice...

    ...my Mum lives in Holland so hopefully she would be able to understand it and then translate it to me minus the drooling ;o)

  2. You know your passion...the way you write about chocolate is inspiring! I'm wishing I could allow one of those stars to melt on my tongue right now! Like you, I adore milk chocolate. I'm going to have to get my fix soon! Thank you so much for sharing!