Sunday, 27 February 2011

Plush White Chocolate Petals with Raspberry & Rose

Plush chocolates are a 100% Fairtrade chocolate company that sell a range of chocolates produced & made in Belgium using cocoa beans sourced from the Ivory Coast, their chocolates range from boxes of truffles and Belgian chocolates to these new little petals that I was sent to review. They are going to be launched in 2 main flavours : white chocolate with raspberry & rose, and, milk chocolate with strawberry and geranium.

The white chocolate with raspberry & rose were the first one to cross my lips, I've never tried any particularly floral chocolates before and was hoping that what I was tasting wasn't going to be like an experience of my nose being doused in perfume! They are definately catered towards the female market, being presented in a lovely little handbag style like box and decorated with lovely floral patterns.

Plush White Chocolate with Raspberry & Rose Petals

On opening the bag you can see that you approximately get about 10 petal like shapes, you aren't particularly hit with any strong aromas of anything so I hoped that the taste would make up for it! The size of the petals is perfect, the are quite flat but still provide quite a substantial bite to them and have lovely pieces of freeze dried raspberry spread throughout; on tasting I was extremely pleased that the white chocolate wasn't overly sweet, as you know I am not the biggest fan of white chocolate due to my experiences of overwhelming flavours of sugar burning my throat but these petals thankfully weren't like that. They provided quite a mellow creamy white chocolate flavour balanced out with the flavours of raspberry and rose running through them.

Plush White Chocolate with Raspberry & Rose Petals

Although I was pleased with the white chocolate flavour I would describe these petals as quite mellow & gentle, they don't pack a punch of loads of flavour and if you are expecting big tangs of raspberry then you may be a bit disappointed that these don't come through until the very end and even then only last a couple of seconds at most. Ultimately these petals are tasty, they would be nice to nibble on maybe during a film but I would have liked to have seen maybe a bit more flavour beyond the white chocolate to give them a bit more depth.

Taste - 6/10 - I loved the flavour of the white chocolate, it's not often I find a white chocolate that doesn't make my mouth burn, but I would have liked maybe a bit more raspberry & rose flavour running through them.
Texture - 7/10 - A nice creamy milky texture running throughout the puddles with the occasional crunch of the freeze dried raspberry melted perfectly on the tongue.
Appearance - 8/10 - The packaging was lovely, definately suited towards their target market.
Price - 7/10 - At £4.50 these aren't overly expensive and definately good for anyone who loves buying Fairtrade produce.
Overall- 6.7/10 - These are lovely and definately would make a perfect gift for a nice lady in your life but I just think that maybe these are chocolates you might just eat as a snack rather than to enjoy the true depth of flavour that unfortunately these were lacking slightly.

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  1. they look rather like they have been squashed!

  2. That's what they were meant to be like I think!