Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thorntons White Chocolate Sidney Snowman

Oh yak yak, too much sugar!! I think white chocolate is definately my least favourite type of chocolate, if you even class it as a chocolate which some people don't since it actually doesn't contain the cocoa bean! I quite like white chocolate in truffle and filled chocolate form but just solid white chocolate and I always find it too sweet. This was no exception, actually it was worse than that, it was so sweet it felt like it was burning my mouth slowly; I always find with white chocolate as well the texture seems so much more waxy, it just doesn't give me the same warm feeling that milk chocolate gives me or the lucious complexity of dark chocolate.
I haven't actually found a Thornton's chocolate I've fell in love with, I just always feel that they're too sugary, both the filled chocolates and the normal chocolates, come on Thornton's give me something to change my mind!!

White Chocolate Thorntons Sidney Snowman

Taste -4/10 - Mouth melting from over load of sugar, throat burning, not nice!
Texture 6/10 - Slightly creamy but always feel that white chocolate has a strange waxy feel.
Apperance - 8/10 - The snowman is cute and for novelty appeal the apperance of this is probably the best.
Price - 7/10 - This was another sales purchase at only £1.50 I think it was, I believe this is a fair price for it but there's no way I would pay regular price.
Overall - 5/10 - Although good on apperance and sales price the taste just let it down too much for me to consider giving it over half marks, I have yet to find a white chocolate that wows me!

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  1. Im not too keen on white chocolate either...

  2. Yea, I have too agree about white chocolate being a bit too much overload on sweetness. I'm learning to love dark, but milk chocolate still remains my favorite :) Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad I found your blog and look forward to exploring your recipes! - Georgia

  3. Yes milk chocolate is my favourite too, I'm looking forward to trying and experiencing different types though! I'm glad you like it, hope you become a regular reader, you can find us on facebook too!