Sunday, 6 March 2011

Amedei Cioccolato al Latte 32% Bar

My first adventure into the world of Gourmet Chocolate! I'd been researching some famous Gourmet Chocolatiers for quite a while as I was really wanting to broaden my horizons in the chocolate world and after a few visits to the Chocolate Trading Co's website and multiple days spent pondering over which bars to buy I made my decision and this Amedei 32% Milk Chocolate Bar was definately going to have to be bought!

After some research about Amedei I found out that they were an Italian company founded quite recently, 1990 and offer a range of different bars with varying cocoa percentages and some gorgeous looking boxed chocolates, and apparently according to numerous reviews their chocolate is of very good quality!

Amedei Cioccolato Al Latte 32%

I was excited when my bars arrived in the post and I zoomed off to the post office straight away to collect them, due to the unfortunate incident of me not being in when they were delivered and couldn't wait to sample what this bar was like! Looking at the packaging of the bar you can tell it is not your normal everyday run of the mill chocolate, with its intricate packaging and lovely anecdotes inside along with details of the flavour of the bar & information on their other bars you find your bar of chocolate wrapped in a lovely paper printed with the Amedei name. On opening it you are hit with lovely milk notes and it has a very good sharp crisp snap to it, the texture is smooth but not overly glossed and has a very rich buttery look to it suggesting there are large amounts of cocoa butter in it, in fact it is so smooth and sumptuous you start to worry whether there will be time for you to get it from your fingers to your mouth without it starting to melt, oh yum!

Amedei Cioccolato Al Latte 32%

The texture reinforces this, once placed in your mouth it is amazing, as soon as it lands on your tongue you can feel its luxurious softness and quality, it melts almost instantly, enrobing the mouth with its smooth buttery creamy texture. As it melts you are hit with a wonderful creaminess that leads way to light caramel/fudge/vanilla & honey notes and although it is creamy it still has some complexity to it as the flavour starts to ascend into deeper cocoa notes that aren't masked by an overly sweet chocolate that you sometimes find with cheap commercial stuff. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, with your first cube you may be a bit baffled at the different flavours coming through if this is your first time tasting Gourmet, as it was for me, but the more you have the more this chocolate grows on you adding more and more each time.

You definately couldn't eat a lot of this chocolate as it is so rich, which is why they probably sell it in 50g bars, but the purity of it I couldn't question, with it's minamilist ingredients it is no doubt your pure gourmet chocolate and an absolute pleasure for the palate!

Amedei Cioccolato Al Latte 32%

Taste - 8.4/10 - A wonderfully creamy milk chocolate, my favourite type, not too sweet, with lovely notes of a range of delicious vanilla & caramel flavours.
Texture - 9.4/10 - The texture was amazing, so smooth and soft and it melted almost instantly, it was one of the creamiest milk chocolates I have ever had.
Appearance - 9.2/10 - Presented in a beautiful wrapper with great details about the chocolate & Amedei's range of products.
Price - 7.7/10 - At £3.95 for a 50g bar it is definately pricey but this is certainly a case of you get what you pay for, high price but so worth it!
Overall - 8.6/10 - A delicious chocolate that satisfies you on every level, with pure cocoa butter and artificial free this is such high quality and amazing to try!

The Chocolate Trading Co is probably the best place to get your Amedei chocolates.


  1. I love Amedei Chuao! It's my favourite dark chocolate-it's so smooth and gorgeous!