Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Chocolate Tree Rose & Champagne White Chocolate

The Chocolate Tree, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is different to any chocolate company I've heard of before, they are actually a travelling chocolatier that travels the country visiting various festivals and fairs selling their chocolates, feeding those hungry festival go-ers with quality organic chocolates.

They produce a range of products from Single Origin bars to a gorgeous selection of handcrafted filled chocolates, one of these handcrafted chocolates is what I will be reviewing from them today, a heart shaped white chocolate filled with a white ganache infused with rose oil and marc de champagne. Ok this definately didn't sound like the usual chocolate I would go for, in a box of chocolates it would actually probably be the one I would leave until last, I've had bad experiences of champagne in chocolates, I normally find it way too strong and rose oil...I don't know just floral in chocolates never really hits the spot for me this much. Oh how my opinion was swayed!

White Chocolate Rose Oil & Marc De Champagne Ganache

Firstly the chocolate looks beautiful, in a gorgeous heart shaped drizzled with dark chocolate and finished with a little red sugar rose atop, it looks visually appealing, I was just hoping that when I bit into it that I wouldn't be pulling my usual "ugh too much champagne face", I have actually had incidents of having to spit chocolates out..yes spit them out..due to too strong champagne notes! How different this chocolate was, its like a smooth cushiony pillow on the tongue, the texture is so smooth and elegant, it is one of the most creamy delicious fillings I have ever tasted. No flavour was too strong throughout, the white chocolate wasn't too sweet, the champagne was there but just nicely mellow with slight hints of it coming through with the rose oil as the chocolate broke down in the mouth, everything just balanced perfectly.

To me this chocolate signified quality, it tasted so fresh, there was no hint of anything artificial and with a shelf life of only around 4 weeks these chocolates obviously aren't jam packed with hidden preservatives etc and it certainly shows in the flavour, they were so much more than I expected them to be and I will now look at Champagne chocolates with a bit less fear, as it seems that I have found one that I absoloutely love!

White Chocolate Rose Oil & Marc De Champagne Ganache

Taste - 9.4/10 - Gorgeous on every level, everything balanced perfectly, what I would call a 'Goldilocks' chocolate, everything was just right!
Texture- 9.6/10 - Such a creamy amazing texture, like a light pillow on the tongue that melted so perfectly in the mouth.
Appearance - 9/10 - Looked so elegant, loved how it was heart shaped, looked different to your regular boxed chocolate.
Price - 9/10 - At 10 chocolates for £5.00 these work out at only 50p each, pretty much a bargain for chocolate that tastes this good.
Overall - 9.3/10 - I couldn't fault these chocolates on many levels, I would definately want more of them! So rich and smooth, yet so tasty and look exquisite.

You can buy The Chocolate Tree's products at their website here, where you can also view details of all their stockists.


  1. Just beautiful. You have taken my love of chocolate to a whole new level. I just love seeing how you write about chocolate. You are a connoisseur , no doubt!

  2. LOL a travelling Chocolatier I want that job ;o)

    These look nice too ;o)

  3. Oh my, I wish these were available in the states.