Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Chocolate Tree Sea Salted Dark Caramel Chocolate/Bar

I can't believe how much I love salted caramel chocolates, or salted caramel chocolate in any form, it was something that I neve thought I would like, I just couldn't imagine salty with sweet, it was just something that I thought would never excite me but after my first experience of Hotel Chocolat's Dark Liquid Sea Salted Caramel at Christmas my eyes have been opened to the wonders of it!

This offering from the Chocolate Tree, was no exception, I decided to put the review of both the Single Dark Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate and their new Sea Salted Dark Caramel Bar in the same review as ultimately they are pretty much the same product but just in different forms and wow they were both delicious!

Dark Sea Salted Caramel (The Chocolate Tree)

I decided to try the single chocolate first, as obviously this was easier to just pop into my mouth and enjoy, and enjoy it I did, this is much nicer than Hotel Chocolat's version, not only was it bigger, which is always a plus, but it didn't have as sweet an aftertaste to it, it provided much more of a salty kick balancing with the sweetness of the caramel and the depth of the dark chocolate. Although the centre was liquid, it wasn't so runny that I had to gobble it all down in one go, which I prefer, I hate feeling that I have to rush my chocolates and the texture was just amazing, smooth & soft on the tongue with a good thick dark chocolate shell, providing the perfect propotions.

Dark Sea Salted Caramel (The Chocolate Tree)

The bar delivered exactly the same on flavour, with 74% cocoa solids, this bar had a wondeful depth to it that was balanced perfectly with the sweet salted caramel centre; and although there is less caramel to chocolate than in the single chocolate form this bar provides a generous 2 tablets decorated with various cocoa pods that you can sink your teeth into!

Dark Sea Salted Caramel (The Chocolate Tree)

This is definately a chocolate bar to bite into..believe me I tried to snap some off and it just ended in a sticky mess and in a way I liked this, I love the feeling of biting into a chocolate bar, it makes you feel like a little child again, with gooey sticky caramel surrounding my mouth I felt that I was taking part in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The texture of course was just as good and this bar isn't sickly whatsoever, it would be quite easy to polish off the whole 2 tablets..well at least for salted caramel lovers like me!

Dark Sea Salted Caramel (The Chocolate Tree)

Taste - 8.7/10 - Lovely well balanced flavours with a nice tang added to the sweetness of the caramel from the salt.
Texture - 8.6/10 - Lovely and smooth, not gritty whatsoever and not so runny that there's lots of cleaning up to do!
Appearance - 7.9/10 - The single chocolate isn't the prettiest I've seen but I quite liked the cocoa bean/pod design on the bar, the chocolate however is obviously of good quality providing a nice smooth sheen.
Price - 8.2/10 - At 50p for the single chocolate and £3.80 for the 2 tablets in the bar these are well worth the money!
Overall - 8.6/10 - Most definately another sea salted chocolate success from The Chocolate Tree.

To view their products you can visit the Chocolate Tree here.


  1. ooohhh this looks divine... you think that if I planted some chocolate in my garden that I would get a chocolate tree? ;o)

  2. you never know its worth a shot ;)