Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cocoa Loco Milk & White Chocolate Penguins

Ok so you all know how much of a sucker I am for novelty cute chocolate so these cute Chocolate Penguins from Cocoa Loco..well I couldn't wait to try! Cocoa Loco are an award winning artisan organic chocolate company based in Sussex, they produce a range of chocolates using Organic & Fairtrade ingredients in environmentally friendly packaging! So this all sounds good and well, I mean yess organic is good and of course fairtrade is great but my experiences so far with Organic & Fairtrade chocolates haven't been all that good, what I've tried so far just hasn't really delivered on flavour, I am pleased to say these chocolate penguins were the exception!

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Penguins

The packaging features a cute eskimo/inuet(to use the politically correct version) holding hands with a gorgeous looking penguin and on opening you are met with a gorgeous full to the brim bag of thick, chunky looking milk & white chocolate penguins. Not being a fan of white chocolate I wasn't really looking forward to the white chocolate so much, I had visions of them all being left in the bag, outcasted and alone as I tucked into the milk ones but this white chocolate was actually really good! It wasn't overly sickly or sweet and instead was really creamy & thankfully didn't have that horrible burning feeling of sugar at the back of your throat that is sometimes caused by white chocolate, hallelujah!

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Penguins

The milk chocolate was even more tasty however; it was so creamy & smooth and had a wonderful milk chocolate flavour, it was actually one of the most "satisfying" tasting milk chocolates I've had in a while, complete with 37% cocoa solids there was no scrimping on quality.

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Penguins

The satisfying feel to this chocolate penguins was carried through into their gorgeous thick shape and texture, there's nothing more I love than a good thick bite of chocolate, I just think it feels so much more substantial than a little flimsy piece, and although you may feel slightly cruel biting the heads of these penguins your taste buds will certainly thank you for it! In fact they will thank you so much that your hand will just keep diving into the bag...but of course only to try and re-enact the picture on the front of the hold hands with the penguin..I mean, what other reason would there be..?!

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Penguins

Taste - 8/10 - A lovely creamy milk chocolate & a white chocolate that wasn't actually overly sweet!
Texture - 8.3/10 - Creamy, smooth and so thick and satisfying, these are some substantial penguins!
Appearance - 8/10 - Really cute & sweet, perfect for kids & adults alike!
Price - 8/10 - At £3.99 for 12 thick chocolate penguins I would say this is a good deal!
Overall - 8.1/10 - Finally some Fairtrade Organic chocolate that is fair on my taste buds as well, loved these!

To have a look at Cocoa Loco's range you can visit their website at


  1. Oh these not only look adorable...but they sound like they taste delicious too! Thanks for sharing your sweetness with me. This was a great way to end my Monday. I hope you have a safe and happy week!