Monday, 7 March 2011

Hotel Chocolat Seriously Dark Wrap Egg Sandwich

Ok so Easter still be may over a month away but already the shops are filled with gorgeous looking Easter products; chocolate rabbits, lambs, chicks & eggs at every corner and unsurprisingly Hotel Chocolat always offer a range of imaginative new products perfect for any "Chocolate" season whether it be Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day...any excuse to eat chocolate and there's a wide selection of products out there available to feast on.

I've been wanting to review this Seriously Dark Wrap Egg Sandwich for a while, but was just waiting til..well slightly closer to Easter, it kept staring at me outside of my chocolate box just begging to be eaten and tried..and good things come to eggs that wait! It eventually got opened and yum it was worth the wait.

The egg is presented in a novelty sandwich shaped boxed and on opening you find that it is split into 2 separate parts "the 2 halves of the egg sandwich" obviously, and the dark 70% chocolate is pressed with an array of cocoa nibs. The base of the "half of the sandwich" is incredibly thick and satisfying but upsettingly so the moulded egg shape on top is just hollow chocolate, oh how I would have loved it not to have been, but then I just guess that's me being greedy.

Hotel Chocolat Seriously Dark Wrap Egg Sandwich

As always, Hotel Chocolat delivers on flavour, the dark chocolate has a gorgeous smell to it that floats out of the packaging as soon as you have decided to open your..sweet chocolatey sandwich..and it has a gorgeous sheen to it that is reassured by a lovely thick sharp snap, with the ultimate chocolate frenzy as small parts fly everywhere from the hollow egg atop. Although I do prefer milk to dark chocolate I did thoroughly enjoy this novel take on the Easter Egg, the dark chocolate has quite fruity and floral notes, I got flavours of slight berries coming through, and out of the dark chocolates I've tried so far, Hotel Chocolat's seems to hit the spot for me. The addition of the cocoa nibs added a nice darker edge to it reminiscent of the cocoa powder dusted on the Booja Booja truffles that kept your mouth excited as the chocolate melted and the thick texture of the egg was warming and satisfying to the mouth.

Hotel Chocolat Seriously Dark Wrap Egg Sandwich

Another great novel idea produced by the guys at Hotel Chocolat, this is certainly not your normal Easter Egg and offers something a bit more for the chocolate connoisseurs out there and most certainly beats your BLT sandwich every time!

Taste - 7.8/10 - This is probably just because I am not the biggest fan of Dark Chocolate as opposed to milk, but I did enjoy it and in terms of dark chocolate for me this is one of the nicest I've tried.
Texture - 8.4/10 - A lovely thick texture that is gorgeously smooth, if only let down by the hollowness of the egg on top..more chocolate please!
Appearance - 9/10 - Hotel Chocolat always present their products so imaginatively, I've never seen a product like this on the market before, love what they've done!
Price - 7.4/10 - At £8 for only 100g grams of chocolate you are paying for the quality rather than the bulk of chocolate, it's definately in the more pricey Easter Egg range if you don't want your standard Cadbury's egg.
Overall - 7.7/10 - I am starting to enjoy dark chocolate more & I did quite happily manage to munch my way through all of this, I think I would definately prefer this to any cheap chocolate egg or savoury sandwich for that matter any day!

 Where can I buy this?
You can have a look at Hotel Chocolat's Easter range at


  1. LOL I have the caramel easter egg sandwich - I have had to hide it away until Good Friday ;o)

  2. It looks delicious to me, and just in time for Easter!