Wednesday, 9 March 2011

James Chocolates Milk & White Chocolate Cows

Ah, I can't resist a good bit of novelty chocolate, I know at times I may seem a chocolate snob, I do love a good quality bar/box of chocolates but I also love cute chocolate, especially if it tastes good, I just can't resist seeing a little something different to your standard bar and I was so enticed by these cute little chocolate cows from James Chocolates.

James Chocolates another British Chocolate company was founded in 1995, by well, James himself of course, based in Somerset, they sell a wide variety of chocolates ranging from novelty chocolate animals to gorgeous differently flavoured bars of chocolate.

James Chocolates Milk & White Chocolate Cows

However it was these little cows that caught my eye, they come in a pack of 3: 2 milk and 1 white, and are beautifully wrapped with a thick purple ribbon, each cow is apparently hand decorated and they certainly looked tempting their cute little faces staring at me from inside the packaging.

James Chocolates Milk & White Chocolate Cows

I liked how these chocolate cows offered a bit of variety, if you were getting sick of the milk chocolate you could always deviate towards the white for a slightly sweeter approach; the chocolate of course wasn't gourmet standard  but it was tasty, it had quite a Belgian chocolate feel to it, despite being quite sweet, I think there may be quite a bit of sugar in these, they were really creamy tasty chocolate. They didn't have a grainy, waxy or dry texture whatsoever and were just gorgeous to taste and feel in the mouth. Of course as always I find whtie chocolate a tad too sweet but the fact that the 2 milk chocolate cows were there helped to balance things out nicely and I didn't find myself getting sick of them at all. They are gorgeous to either eat on their own, or if you feel like being a bit cruel to the poor cows to dunk their thick smiling heads into a warm cup of tea.

James Chocolates Milk & White Chocolate Cows

Taste- 7/10 - A nice creamy Belgian style chocolate, was tasty and liked how there was the option of milk or white chocolate.
Texture - 8/10 - A lovely thick smooth creamy texture that is incredibly satisfying.
Appearance - 9/10 - So cute, I'm such a sucker for stuff like this.
Price - 7/10 - These little cows are priced at £4.00 for 60g which is middle of the road for something like this I would say, I guess you're paying for the novelty.
Overall - 7.9/10 - A good tasty novelty chocolate, I love it when flavour and fun is combined!

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  1. So cute! i love cows and Belgian chocolate.



  2. LOL I think I know what to get for my James ;o)

  3. Too cute, My kiddos would love these!