Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Plush Milk Chocolate Petals With Strawberry & Geranium

With Mother's Day fast approaching I thought it would be good to review some of the pretty products that might go down a treat with your mum! These are another of the flavour of the petals that the ladies at Plush have produced, these ones are milk chocolate petals are studded with freeze dried strawberries & infused with geranium.

They are extremely pretty, presented in a cute little handbag that you could give to your mum and inside you receive a generous pouch of milk chocolate flat shaped petals that are perfect for just popping into your mouth and letting melt.

Plush Milk Chocolate Petals with Strawberry & Geranium

However I am not a huge fan of floral chocolate, I like the flavours to be there, but not to over power the chocolate flavour and in these I just felt there was too much, there was an extremely strong flavour of geranium that I just felt dominated the mellow milk chocolate that I only got slight hints of a the end. These are extremely sweet and I don't think I could eat a lot of them, as they are also very "perfume-esque".

After munching through a few of them I just couldn't think what they reminded me of..then it hit me, Turkish Delight!! These taste exactly like Turkish Delight but without the gooey centre, maybe that's why I wasn't such a fan, I've never been that big on Turkish Delight, always finding it too sickly. However for anyone out there who has a Mum who adores Turkish Delight then make sure to go for these,they provide a nicer texture in my opinion than Turkish Delight but still pack all the flavour, I couldn't eat a lot of these but might come back to nibble one now and then in times of sugar desperation.

Plush Milk Chocolate Petals with Strawberry & Geranium

Taste- 5/10 - It's not that these were bad, they were just too sugary and floral for my liking but I'm sure there are many people out there who would adore these, my Mum did infact!
Texture - 6.7/10 - A nicer texture than Turkish delight the chocolate was smooth with nice crunchy bits added from the freeze dried raspberries.
Apperance - 7.4/10 - Really pretty outer exterior of the handbag and the petals look lovely and handmade.
Price - 7/10 - At £4.50 these aren't an overly expensive Mother's Day Gift at all.
Overall - 6/10 - Not for me but sure many people will love these.

To see Plush's full range of chocolates you can visit them here at www.plushchocolates.co.uk

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  1. I used to work with a woman who was into aromatherapy...

    one of her scents was geranium - it used to drive me wild because it smells like Turkish delight.

    In the end she could only use that scent before lunchtime so I could go out and buy a bar ;o)