Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pour Toi Chocolate Medians

Ooh time to review a relatively new artisan chocolatier, Pour Toi, launched in 2010 Pour Toi is an artisan chocolatier that provides chocolates and cookies that are all lactose and gluten free without comprimising on quality of taste! Already Pour Toi has won a number of awards, 3 great taste awards in fact : one for their chocolates and 2 for their cookies. With all these awards flying around I was definately looking forward to trying their luxury selection, which has been short listed for a "Free From Foods Award", with the finals taking place in April.

Pour Toi Chocolate Medians

Now normally I probably wouldn't be attracted to these chocolates, for me I like my milk chocolates especially in boxed chocolates, usually I find the dark ones a bit of a let down so I was hoping that this box from Pour Toi, which are all dark chocolates wouldn't be a let down. On looking at the menu the flavours that I liked seemed to be all there, with multiple pralines and such delights as a "Caramel Bon Bon" the sound and the look of these chocolates are visually appealing. They are presented in a beautiful box printed with cocoa bean designs complete with a menu detailing what each chocolate is, each chocolate is encased in it's own separate wrapper..immediately on seeing these they reminded me of the chocolates from Matilda, anyone who has seen this film will know what I am on about and I was hoping that I was going to enjoy them just as much as Ms Trunchbull enjoyed hers!

Pour Toi Chocolate Medians

I of course started on the Praline, and oh my, how delicious it was, with a lovely ornate design the chocolate shell encased a gorgeously smooth nutty texture, there were the deep cocoa notes there from the dark chocolate but they never became too bitter/sweet and just contrasted with the praline centre perfectly. Both the texture and the flavour was there and I just couldn't stop myself from diving in to enjoy another.

Pour Toi Chocolate Medians<

Another praline favourite of mine was the spiced praline, reminding me of the Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Praline that I received in my Christmas Sleekster, it was divine, there was gorgeous hints of cinnamon along with maybe gingerbread and nutmeg? It was incredibly smooth and just offered a lovely twist to the traditional praline.
Pour Toi Medians

The salted caramel bon bon sounded so intriguing and after reading that this was the chocolate that won a Great Taste award I was hoping it would live up to expectations, I expected a liquid salted caramel like Hotel Chocolat's but instead I received so much better, this chocolate is so much more thick & sumptuous and more of a ganache like texture; it had gorgeous salted notes that blended perfectly with sweet caramel and dark chocolate creating what I would have to say may have been my favourite chocolate of the whole box...I know it wasn't a praline! Shock!

Pour Toi Chocolate Medians

However this Hazelnut Swirl chocolate came close I must say, if heaven was made of chocolates then I'm pretty sure this one would be near the pearly gates, the texture was so smooth and had almost a thick caramel like feel to it but with all the flavours of hazelnuts in it, it was so sumptuous and it was extremely saddening when this one had gone, thankfully there were 2 of each chocolates in the box; apart from the Tangy Passion Fruit & the Whiskey Bon Bon which I only received 1 of, which to be honest I was quite thankful for because these were the only 2 chocolates I didn't like in the box. For me the Passion Fruit was just a bit too acidic and had too much of a sharp taste for me & the Whiskey, well you all know I'm not huge on alcoholic chocolates.

Pour Toi Medians

I don't need to go on and review every chocolate in the box because to be honest they're so good that you can take my word for it that the rest of the chocolates in this selection were amazing, to be honest they were one of the nicest chocolate selections I've had in a while. The dark chocolate was amazingly good that enrobed each gorgeously textured filling and I've been converted, if all dark chocolates were like this I would be eating them by the ton! No wonder these won an award!

Taste - 8.7/10 - Gorgeous chocolates that delivered a fabulous flavour, they would have got more but for the fact that I wasn't a fan of the Passion Fruit or Whiskey.
Texture - 9.4/10 - These chocolates provided an amazing texture, so smooth and sumptuous with a nice layer of dark chocolate encasing them.
Appearance - 8.4/10 - They looked visually very appealing, these definately don't look like mass produced chocolates.
Price -NA - I couldn't find a price for these chocolates as their online store is coming soon.
Overall - 9/10 - A delightful box of chocolates that I would definately recommened to anyone.

To view Pour Toi's range of chocolates you can visit their website at www.pourtoi.co.uk


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  2. Yess ive been watching it! Its great, thought the unicorn they made for that cake last night was amazing!