Friday, 8 April 2011

Amedei Gianduja 32% Bar

I've had this bar lurking around for a while now, back when I ordered my other gourmet chocolate bars from The Chocolate Trading Co & figured it was about time it got sampled! Gianduja, pronounced Jan-Doo-Jah is a combination of ground hazelnuts and milk chocolate and is typically found in the centre of filled chocolates & always seems to be one of my favourite ones of the box so I was hoping that this bar would mirror my enjoyment!

Amedei Gianduja Bar

Once again I love how this bar is packaged, wrapped up in its own little pouch with details of all the other bars they provide I always find the Amedei wrappers an interesting experience to read and marvel at what other flavours I may want to try.

Amedei Gianduja Bar

As soon as you get into the chocolate you can tell how creamy it is going to be, you fear that it will melt instantly in your hand because it feels that smooth & sumptuous, like a dense praline filling that hasn't been coated in it's milk chocolate exterior! You can tell from the structure of the chocolate how fine this chocolate is, it's so smooth & on placing a cube of this in your mouth the melt is just amazing, a sort of thick praline experience covering your mouth in delightful chocolate & hazelnut notes.

Amedei Gianduja Bar

This chocolate is quite mellow and not overly sweet whatsoever, you get good strong cocoa notes  but also the nuttiness provided by the ground hazelnuts. It's pretty much just like eating a bar full of praline gianduja filling, heaven!! It provides a wonderful rich experiene & leaves you feeling so satisfied, if you're like me and you always wish there had been more pralines in your box of chocolates I would definately recommend in purchasing a bar of this to satisfy that nutty praline craving!

Amedei Gianduja Bar

Taste - 8.5/10 - Wonderfully rich & creamy, provided me everything I wanted in terms of a praline-esque feel.
Texture - 9.1/10 - The texture was amazing, so smooth & creamy, melted perfectly on the tongue..and in the hands if you're not quick enough!
Appearance - 8/10 - Always like how Amedei present their bars, great information & detail provided.
Price - 7/10 - At £3.95 for a 50g bar it is pretty pricey, maybe as a special treat now and then.
Overall - 8.7/10 - A gorgeous chocolate bar that left me wanting more, if only the bar had been more than 50g!

I got my Amedei bars from The Chocolate Trading Co


  1. Wow. A whole bar dedicated to gianduja from such a highly-regarded chocolatier. Must find this.