Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Amelia Rope Chocolate Bars

I'm going to review a relatively new UK chocolatier today called Amelia Rope, passionate about all things chocolate she produces a range of delightful chocolate bars both plain and flavoured and was kind enough to send me a few small samples of 5 different types for me to try and review! It would be difficult for me to review each one in terms of appearance, overall experience etc as I was only sent one cube of each so I will rate each flavoured chocolate individually in terms of their taste & experience. In terms of price all bars are priced at a standard price of £5.59. I was sent 5 chunks in total with the flavours being : Pale Edition 1 (37% ), Pale Edition with Rose, Pade Edition with Lime & Sea Salt, Dark Ginger & Dark Mandarin (67%), a nice variety!

I decided to start with the Pale Edition, of course with Milk Chocolate being my favourite it just had to be, the smell of it was beautifully milky & creamy and attracted me to it straight away tempting me to put it into my mouth and when it did the wonderful taste complemented the delightful smell of it. This is a gorgeously creamy chocolate that just melts in the mouth, it is not overly sweet & has a good structure & smooth texture and has slight malt & notes in that reminded me of the Valrhona Jivara I tasted, divine. I would definately come back for more of this!

Overall - 8.8/10 - A delicious milk chocolate, one of the nicest I've tried so far, creamy, milky with a wonderful melt.

On tasting the Pale Edition I assumed that I should try all of the Milk Chocolate ones together at first so next I moved onto the Pale Edition with Rose, I am always a bit wary of chocolates being over perfumed and distracting the taste from the wonderful chocolate flavour but thankfully this bar is perfectly well balanced, the gorgeous creaminess from the milk chocolate comes through, with the rose making nice mellow hints throughout before coming to its full powerful flavour before swallow. I actually really enjoyed this and I'm starting to come round to the idea of Rose being a pleasant flavour in chocolate as long as its not too overpowering.

Overall - 7.9/10 - A wonderful creamy milk chocolate with delightful rose notes, glad it wasn't too overpowering, a nice mellow flavour of rose throughout.

However the next Pale Edition with Lime & Sea Salt just didn't hit the spot for me; I really thought it would as normally you can't get me away from salted chocolate but I just think the addition of lime was too much for me, having tried various citrus chocolates before this was actually the first time I had tried lime paired together with chocolate & I just dont think it was to my liking. For me it was too tangy and acidic and it just didn't feel right together with the mellow milk chocolate; you can tell that it is good quality chocolate but the flavour combination didn't tick the boxes for me and unfortunately I threw the rest of this cube away. I don't think I'll be trying lime in chocolate again any time soon!

Overall - 4/10 - Unfortunately I really didn't like the flavour of this bar, the pairing of lime and milk chocolate was too much for me.

After sampling all of the range of Milk Chocolates that Amelia sent me I was excited to move onto her darker chocolate bars she offers; after my unpleasant experience with the lime chocolate I was hoping that my love of citrus chocolate would be reignited with Amelia's Dark with Mandarin and oh how it was! The citrus of this chocolate is far less potent and powerful than dark chocolate when it is paired with orange and I actually preferred this; the mandarin tastes so fresh, refreshing & natural compared to the artificial orange flavours you can sometimes experience with chocolates. The mandarin provides a wonderful "zing" to complement the rich depth of the smooth dark chocolate & just melts exquisitely on the tongue, I so easily could have eaten 10 more cubes of this!

Overall - 8/10 - A wonderful citrus flavour complementing the darker taste of the chocolate, refreshing & rich at the same time!

The final chocolate sample I received was the Dark Ginger bar, I didn't actually realise how much I would enjoy this, I've sampled some ginger chocolates before where the ginger completely takes all the centre stage, masking the wonderful depth of the chocolate that is present but this bar is perfect. It's lovely and warming with slight spice & sweet woody notes before building to a deeper intense woody flavour reminiscent of ginger chocolate bars. It is extremely well balanced and has a good strong melt that seems to last forever.

Overall - 8.2/10 - A warming chocolate bar that really surprised me, it was both sweet & intense at the same time, providing a wonderful warming sensation in the mouth.

To few Amelia's full range you can visit her website at www.ameliarope.com


  1. Did the rose one taste of Turkish delight? I literally go mental for Turkish Delight ;o)

  2. It was sort of a light Turkish Delight flavour, but not as overly perfumed, delicious!

  3. Those are some interesting sounding flavors! I'm not so sure about rose chocolate, but ginger chocolate sounds delicious.