Sunday, 24 April 2011

Godiva 50% Dark Chocolate Mint Bar

Godiva, a Belgium Chocolate Company was founded and named 80 years ago after the legend of Lady Godiva and pride themselves in producing chocolates using the finest ingredients, ranging from bars to truffles in various outlet stores worldwide. However it is only recently that some Godiva products have become available near to where I live, I had encountered Godiva before when holidaying in Orlando and had tried some of their truffles in the form of free samples within the shop but I had never actually sat down to "properly" try any of their offerings.

Godiva Dark Mint Bar 50%

So when I popped into my local Fenwicks and saw that they had a range of Godiva products available I couldn't resist in trying one, and decided to go for their 50% Dark Chocolate Bar with Mint. Now 50% isn't particularly high percentage for a dark chocolate bar, there's some milk chocolate bars that range around the 40% so I wasn't expecting anything particularly deep but thought that this would be a sweeter dark chocolate experience, I was correct.

In terms of the packaging, I love how this bar is presented, it looks exquisite, with the gold foil wrapping giving a classy sophisticated look to the chocolate bar, that after wrestling to get open shows a wonderful smooth dark chocolate imprinted with the Godiva name and Lady Godiva riding a horse. 

Godiva Dark Mint Bar 50%

The chocolate provides a good clean sharp snap, demostrating good tempering, and on placing in the mouth it provides a wonderful rich smooth melt, enrobing the mouth in a wonderful deep dark chocolate flavour, as the melt builds the sweetness of the mint begins to come through and thankfully this mint tastes wonderful and fresh, not artificial in the slightest as so many mint chocolates can often be. The taste hovers between sweet & deep, never crossing too far into either boundary, but the flavours just complementing each other in a wonderful refreshing bar of chocolate.

Godiva Dark Mint Bar 50%

I much preferred this offering of Mint Chocolate compared to other bars I have tried, thankfully this is not like a sickly After Eight & I liked how smooth this Godiva bar was, all too often I feel that the texture of a good mint chocolate bar can be ruined by the prescence of chips/nibs and therefore loved how this melted smoothly and evenly on the tongue. I don't feel that I could eat a lot of this as it is quite rich and sweet at the same time and this definately is a lot sweeter than some other dark chocolates out there, but I enjoyed it and would definately come back for more when I fancied something slightly more refreshing with a bit of a darker edge.

Godiva Dark Mint Bar 50%

Taste - 8.3/10 - A wonderful refreshing bar, quite sweet but not overly so, would have liked to have seen what it would be like if the cocoa solids % was higher.
Texture - 8.8/10 - A lovely smooth chocolate bar with a gorgeous even melt.
Apperance - 8/10 - Presented very elegantly, gives a real classy feel throughout.
Price - 8/10 - This bar was £3.95 at Fenwicks which I thought was quite good value, especially when you consider that because of the richness/sweetness of this bar it is likely to last you quite a while.
Overall - 8.6/10 - A lot better than other mint chocolate bars I've tried and would definately go back for more.

To have a look at Godiva you can visit their website at or visit one of their many stores across the world.


  1. Despite being an American, I have not had any Godiva bars - only the truffles, which I have found to be waxy. Sounds like waxiness wasn't an issue here.

  2. No, this bar wasnt waxy at all, i agree though ive tried some of their truffles and found them a bit candle wax like.

  3. I have never had any of their proper chocolate bars...