Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gorvett & Stone Filled Exploding Milk Easter Egg

Just got back from The Chocolate Festival at London's Southbank Centre last night and before writing this just have to say what a pleasure it was to meet everyone properly for the first time, got some exciting products that I am looking forward to sampling and reviewing in the future, will most definately be going to more events. The Chocolate Festival is still on today, so if you are around London make sure to head down and check it out, it is definately not one to be missed!!

Gorvett & Stone Exploding Egg

Now for one of the first Easter Egg reviews of the season from a company called Gorvett & Stone based in Henley on Thames that provide a range of not only filled chocolates but also a range of novelty chocolate along with things such as chocolate coated cinder toffee, marshmallows etc. The Easter Egg I sent to review consisted of 2 milk chocolate shells filled with popping candy and iced with "Bang"; unfortunately however it appeared that it was the egg that went BANG in the post and one of the shells was completely smashed to smithereens. Luckily one shell remained slightly in tact.

What I loved about this egg was that on reading the ingredients I discovered it was made with Valrhona Jivara 40% milk chocolate, one of my favourite milk chocolates I have tried so far, with the white chocolate icing made with Valrhona Ivory! Yum! Inside each shell there are generous amounts of popping candy, you know the stuff you used to get when you were a kid that goes crazy as soon as you put it in your mouth, this definately isn't  your traditional milk chocolate egg!

Gorvett & Stone Exploding Egg

The chocolate is gorgeously creamy of course but you can taste the real fruity sweet element of the popping candy straight away; although the Valrhona is allowed to take a slight shine I really would have liked it to be more centre stage in this egg as I feel that the popping candy in it made it slightly too fruity and overshadowed the wonderful Valrhona flavour with the fruity tang that appeared throughout the egg.

Despite the chocolate flavour being overrshadowed slightly however I did actually like the idea of this egg; it definately is something different and appeals to not only kids who want a fun different Easter Egg but also adults with the superb quality chocolate it is made with. The melt of course is wonderful in it, as Valrhona always is, smooth creamy & luxurious whilst you get a firework explosion of popping candy in the mouth, it definately is an exciting experience. Although you may not want to eat a lot of it, as the after a few pieces the popping candy can get slightly irritating, this egg is probably one to enjoy over a fair few sittings! Would I buy this egg for me? No probably not, in this volume I think the popping candy is a bit much, I prefer it in small doses, but would it be a good one for kids this Easter, yes definately, it is something & a bit different without comprimising on delicious quality chocolate!

Gorvett & Stone Exploding Egg

Taste - 7/10 - I felt the fruitiness and the tang that the popping candy provided masked the superior quality of the Valrhona, just wish it was given a bit more chance to shine.
Texture - 7.1/10 - The Valrhona of course has a wonderful melt and the popping candy adds an exciting different element, but don't feel that I could eat a lot of it.
Appearance - 8.2/10 - Despite half my egg being smashed, darn the Royal Mail, you can tell that this is a really pretty looking egg, the chocolate is smooth and not dry and I love the piped BANG on the front.
Price - 8/10 - At £16.95 for a Valrhona egg that is really good value, ok so its not £1 for for your Cadbury's egg but why would you want that when you can have this!
Overall - 7.3/10 - An exciting different Easter Egg, probably more for the kids than the adults due to the more sweety fruity feel to the chocolate.

You can look at Gorvett & Stone's Range at


  1. it's too bad they couldn't make the popping candy a chocolate based flavor. The effects are fun, but if it throws off the taste of a quality chocolate - probably not worth it.

  2. LOL I wish I had known about this...

    ...that egg looks lovely ;o)

  3. A chocolate festival? That sounds like such fun! I'm jealous. :)

    Never would have thought to put popping candies inside chocolate. Very strange! I agree with Rodzilla--chocolate flavored popping candies would have been a lot better.

  4. Best chocolate ever! Try their fish & chips - amazing!!!