Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hotel Chocolat : A Dozen Quail's Eggs

There's so many different miniature eggs around this season but I haven't actually seen that many "egg selections" as such and that is what is so wonderful about Hotel Chocolat's A Dozen Quail's Eggs, instead of a bag of all identical filled eggs these offer you the option of many different flavours, these are Hotel Chocolat's take on an Easter themed box of chocolates and certainly live up to their usual standards.

Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quails Eggs

They are presented in a wonderful manner, as if they were an actual box of eggs and each egg is decorated with a splash of colour to represent which flavour chocolate it is, they are not only eye-catching but a really novel fun way to present a box of chocolates. The box of eggs consists of 12 chocolates : 2 Liquid Caramels, Caramel Praline, Vanilla Truffle, Strawberry Truffle, Blueberry Truffle, Classic Praline, Whiskey Truffle, Rum Truffle, Amaretto Truffle, Chocolate Brownie & Dark Chocolate Truffle, so there is most definately something in there for everyone & I was extremely excited to dive instead and start to sample to see what these were like!

Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quails Eggs

Of course, being me, I started with the pralines and then moved on to some of the different options:
Classic Praline
I've yet to find a Praline chocolate I prefer to Hotel Chocolat's'; it is so smooth and hazelnutty with all the right hints of everything, its not too sweet and encased in a thick milk chocolate shell it never fails to let me down, a superb chocolate.
Caramel Praline
I'd never tried a caramel praline from Hotel Chocolat before but I would most definately come back for more; such a smooth and creamy caramel praline centre with a thick milk chocolate shell, this is definately sweeter than their classic praline and it didn't overtake it as my favourite but I certainly wouldn't have turned another one of these down!
Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quails Eggs
Vanilla Truffle
Another new one to me from Hotel Chocolat, I've never seen a vanilla truffle in any of their selections before and I'm not so sure why because this was amazing, I love vanilla in chocolates and this was no exception, with wonderful flecks of vanilla in a luxurious truffley filling and encased in a thick milk chocolate shell it was the perfect combination for anyone who is a big fan of vanilla chocolates.
Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quails Eggs
Strawberry Truffle 
Long gone are the days where I would pass up a fruity chocolate, after tasting a variety of horrific fruit cremes I have found that there are actually some wonderful fruit flavoured chocolates out there, this Strawberry Truffle being one of them, despite being coated in white chocolate it wasn't too sweet for me and the strawberry fruit truffle centre is so fresh & non-artificial tasting, a good one for any fruity chocolate lovers.
Blueberry Truffle 
Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the blueberry truffle as much as it's strawberry counterpart, this is something a bit different and the blueberry flavours offers a nice sharp tang to the sweet white chocolate, it wasn't that there was anything wrong with it, it just didn't tick the boxes for me, on the other hand my mum, who is a big fan of sharper tasting chocolates, devoured it!
Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quails Eggs
Liquid Caramel 
I was a bit disappointed that it was 2 of these that had been put in the box as I am not a huge fan of Hotel Chocolat's Milk Liquid Caramel, I find the milk chocolate too sweet when paired with the runny liquid caramel centre, I much prefer their Dark version. A bit too sweet for me unfortunately.
Whiskey Truffle
Wow, this was powerful, definately one to knock your socks off, for me not being an alcoholic chocolate lover I really didn't enjoy this one whatsoever, it was far too strong for me and most certainly would have been left in the box for a real Whiskey lover to enjoy as the thick whiskey chocolate truffle centre would most likely have done much more for them. 
Rum Truffle
This one wasn't as bad as the Whiskey Truffle, it's centre wasn't as strong and offered much more of a mellow rum take, it was edible, but for me not enjoyable, the texture was good and smooth but I felt that the taste of rum was just a bit too much and ruined my enjoyment of the good creamy milk chocolate.
Chocolate BrownieQuite a soft, non-intruding chocolate, a dense chocolate brownie filling inside a milk chocolate shell, this had quite a strong cocoa flavour with a good creamy texture, it didn't send fireworks off but was tasty none the less. 
Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quails Eggs
Dark Chocolate Truffle
This is much like the Chocolate Brownie's dark alter ego, with a smooth luxurious dark truffle centre wrapped in dark chocolate this is another non-obtrusive chocolate, no big flavours, just a good rich dark chocolate truffle, a simple classic.
Amaretto Truffle 
On first bite I thought I was going to enjoy this, the alcohol flavour didn't seem to be too strong against the white chocolate exterior; however I was wrong and later regretted having taken such a big bite, for anyone who likes Amaretto then you will love this but the alcoholic flavour left me disposing of this poor chocolate.

Overall this is definately more of an adult's box of chocolates than a child's due to the presence of 3 alcoholic chocolates but there is definately something in there for everyone and the flavours are all amazing, the textures are creamy and smooth and they look absolutely beautiful, such a bright and fun edition to the Easter range! As usual I loved this product from Hotel Chocolat, they are everything you could really want in a box of chocolates and it's really only because of my disliking of alcoholic chocolates that I could put them down at all; would I go out and buy them, well of course I would, I would just seem "kind" giving the alcoholic ones to other members of the family, but for the 9 that were left, well they would be mine of course.

Taste - 8/10 - An extremely tasty selection of chocolates with all the right flavours and gorgeous chocolate exteriors.
Texture - 8.4/10 - The textures are all just right, creamy smooth and correctly proportioned.
Apperance - 9/10 - I love the novel presentation of these Quail's Eggs, not only do they look pretty but they are presented in an egg shaped box, perfect for Easter.
Price - 8/10 - At £9 for a box of chocolates I don't really think this is expensive and you could buy them to share with the family over the Easter weekend.
Overall - 8.7/10 - Another delicious novel product from Hotel Chocolat.

If you want to make sure to get your Quail Eggs before the Easter Bunny comes you can visit 


  1. It's like my name! They look delicious, share?

  2. I did think about buying these...

    ... they look delicious ;o)

  3. Wow, 12 chocolate eggs with 12 different flavors all in 1 box. That way I can indulge myself into sweet. It’s so cute and lovely.