Monday, 25 April 2011

The Little Chocolate Factory : Luxury Treat Bag

Time for another local chocolatier to be reviewed, one I met at a local food/living fayre actually, called The Little Chocolate Factory, a relatively small chocolate company producing both a range of chocolate bars and filled chocolate truffles. After talking with them there and telling them a bit about what I am doing they agreed to send me out a little something for me to sample to see what their products were like, enter the Luxury Treat Bag.

Little Chocolate Factory Review

On first view, it is cutely packaged, wrapped in sellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon and inside contains 3 chocolates : a caramel, a chocolate truffle and a praline. On taking them out of their packaging they look wonderfully hand-made certainly not like a mass produced chocolate that an all too often look like it has been perfected in every way possible, no doubt using many extra additives etc! No these chocolates provide a wonderful homely feel.

Little Chocolate Factory Review

Strangely I really fancied trying the caramel chocolate first, and on cutting into it you can see the wonderful thick gooey caramel centre oozing out, the texture is certainly spot on, good, rich & extremely sumptuous. On tasting this however it reminded me slightly of a less sickly sweet version of Galaxy caramel, but instead of the sweetness being replaced with deeper caramel flavours it just left a sort of mellow flavour in the mouth, with no real strong flavour of anything unfortunately.

Little Chocolate Factory Review

Moving on I decided to try the gorgeously thick looking chocolate truffle, enrobed in milk chocolate and studded with bisuits pieces this definately looked like a satisfying chocolate and again the texture was superb, rich, thick and dense, it was perfect for a truffle. In fact this one reminded me of another Celebrations chocolate, this time being a mixture between the Malteser and the Galaxy Truffle; however again this was sligthly bland tasting and unfortunately just had an overall sugar taste, there was no real deep rich cocoa flavours that are all so wonderful in a rich truffle.

Little Chocolate Factory Review

Finally I moved onto my the final chocolate in the treat  bag, the praline, usually my favourite, coated in dark chocolate and studded with chopped nuts that provided a delightful crunch against the amazingly smooth praline centre that literally just  melts in your mouth. This chocolate was extremely commerical tasting, it is your usual, sugar laden praline with much greater tangs of sweetness than that of any real depth of nuts and was very similar tasting to many other commerical pralines I've had, unfortunately it didn't offer anything different.

Little Chocolate Factory Review

All in all this little treat bag I would describe as a slightly better version of Celebrations, presented more poshly & obviously larger; the textures were all spot on, with each texture providing an enjoyable chocolate experience. Despite this I was slightly let down on flavour, they weren't overly sweet by any means, not in the way in which the sugar burns your mouth but they were just slightly bland and didn't really carry any strong depth or anything unique. These would definately be nice for a little treat for someone and are certainly a lot cheaper than you might pay for other commerical chocolates but in terms of flavour they are just like your average standard chocolates.

Taste - 4/10 - They weren't horrific, but unfortunately I just wanted so much more in terms of taste, it seems so many chocolate companies deliver on texture at the expense of flavour.
Texture - 7.7/10 - Wonderful textures in all of the chocolates.
Appearance - 7/10 - These look wonderful and home made, something you might pick up somewhere a bit different.
Price - 6.7/10 - These are £1.50 for a little bag, that works out as 50p per chocolate, it's not particularly bad but when you work out that something like Hotel Chocolat costs similar I know what I'd prefer.
Overall - 5.8/10 - Cute and homely but just your usual commerical chocolates

If you want to have a look at the Little Chocolate Factorys range you can visit them at

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  1. Ah too bad they didn't taste all that great because they look delicious. Especially the chocolate truffle. Better luck next time!