Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Zotter Raspberry, Coconut & Fish Bar

Ok it turns out I am the most stupid person in the world..or at least I feel like it after this chocolate adventure, when I was down in London for the Chocolate Festival I also paid a visit to Covent Garden to visit Cyber Candy, I wanted to get some Diet Mt.Dew, and on my visit I saw that they stocked Zotter bars, yay! For those of you that aren't familiar, Zotter are Austrian chocolatiers who produce a range of different and extremely imaginative bars..which is what I was about to discover.

Unfortunately my trip in Covent Garden was pretty rushed, my train was leaving in 15 minutes and I pretty much just picked up anything I could, one of these things being the "Rosa Kokos und FischGummi" bar, now I presumed that "FischGummi" meant that the chocolate would be filled with jelly like fish, much like jelly sweets you can get in the supermarket and this was their idea of an imaginative bar for this time round. Oh how wrong I was..I really should have been warned off by the scary smirking looking fish on the packaging!

Zotter : Raspberry, Coconut & Fish Bar

When I got home and properly read the packaging and googled the bar it turns out that "FischGummi" isn't actually jelly fish..but in fact just simple fish, trout to be precise and although the bar only contains (0.4%) of it, I was slightly perturbed by this revelation and the fact the bar contained other ingredients such as fennel & bay leaves. Oh dear.

The bar itself was pink, filled with a white fluffy marshmallow like texture filling & unfortunately I didn't even photograph it as after biting into it I was so immediately repulsed that the bar got thrown straight in the bin, to be honest I can't even bare to think about it. I can't describe what the taste was like, it certainly wasn't of raspberry,coconut or even fish for that matter, but everything together just tasted...odd.  I can't even really bring myself to think about it to be honest, I tried another bite, was equally as repulsed, it just tasted off, certainly not sweet..and not anything like proper chocolate, even the texture put me off, it wasn't really a creamy marshmallow but more fluffy and gritty and ugh.

There may be some people who like really different bars like this, but I'm certainly not one of them, I think I will be sticking to more traditional flavours for my enjoyment thank you!

Taste - 1.7/10 - I can't even describe what the flavour was like..other than disgusting really.
Texture - 5/10 - The texture wasn't horrific, it just wasn't pleasant.
Appearance - 5/10 - The bar isn't presented badly but the inner chocolate was quite bright pink which may be off putting or some people.
Price - 4/10 - This 70g bar was £3.29, virtually the same price as some Valrhona..I know what I'd rather have.
Overall - 3/10 - I definately wouldn't want to come back for any more of this bar, to the bin with it!

If you want to have a look at Zotter you can have a look at the English site that stocks some of their products at www.zotterchocolate.co.uk or www.cybercandy.co.uk


  1. Interesting. Wonder if the intent was to try to go after a fruit-glazed grilled fish effect. Vosges does lots of bizarre flavors, some of which are amazing to me, others of which just aren't for me. Much of it boils down to personal taste, assuming high-quality ingredients are used.

  2. yikes - what you go through for your public... ;o)

  3. chocolate and sweedish fish sounds like it could be a decent combo - actual fish...not so much.

  4. Great review! Zotter are sometimes just too wacky! I've just reviewed a Black Cherry and Vanilla bar, hand scooped. It was a cross between a wagon wheel and a Jaffa cake......but fortunately no fish!