Tuesday, 24 May 2011

COMPETITION Artisan du Chocolat Haiti Single Origin Bar

Congratulations to Diana Cotter who named her box of chocolates perfection she will be receiving this bar of Artisan du Chocolat Haiti Bar through the post shortly!

Ok I've had this website going for quite a while now and think it's time to reward readers with a competition.

What I've got up for grabs is an Artisan du Chocolat Dark Chocolate Single Origin Haiti Bar. This is a dark mellow chocolate bar with notes of honey, chestnuts and wood and was made from one of the first harvests since the earthquake disaster in 2010.

Artisan du Chocolat Single Origin Haiti Bar Competition

All you have to do to enter is simply imagine that you are creating a new assorted box of chocolates that are about to be launched and decide on a unique name for them! Email all entries to anneloveschocolate@hotmail.co.uk or leave a comment on here and the winner will be picked on the 10th June and contacted then.

Good luck!


  1. Inspired Chocolates! would be the name I would use, as then, you could have different inspirations as you see fit:)
    Neat giveaway!
    Great blog, BTW!
    Would love to know your thoughts about doing a chocolate taste test for children. I did a taste test with mine on my Sunrise Learning Lab blog, but did not use very swanky chocolates...just ones from the store.
    We had a fun time though!
    @F5th on Twitter

  2. This is a brilliant blog! And great idea to do a giveaway! I've been a wannabe connosieur of chocolate since working in a chocolate shop aged 16! I look forward to reading more!