Thursday, 26 May 2011

Duffy's Star of Panama 70%

This was another bar I decided to buy from Chocadores; in my times of chocolate reviewing so far I had heard so much about how delicious Duffy's chocolate was, so I thought it was about time for me to delve into the wonders and to experience it for myself. Duffy's chocolate is produced by a small artisan company called Red Star Chocolate, based in Lincolnshite, that pride themselves on producing a range of single origin bars, made with the beans from one harvest region of a country, producing it by stone grinding the beans for over 50 hours in a granite grinder in order to allow the flavours to fully develop. Just from this story alone you can tell that a lot of hard work goes into each bar Duffy makes and this certainly comes across in the flavour of his chocolate.

Duffys Star of Panama Bar

The bar that I decided to opt for was the 70% Star of Panama Dark Chocolate Bar, using beans from within the Heart of Panama and according to the packaging offered flavours of buttered toast, warming chestnut and a sweet almond aftertaste, oh, it sounded like it was going to be delicious.

The packaging itself was a wonderful bright yellow colour and on opening the bar it was wrapped in a delightful gold foil, the bar itself was fairly light and provided a good clean crisp snap on breaking apart. Despite the design of the bar itself being fairly simplistic I really liked it, this is the sort of bar that isn't trying to put on a front and be all show and no flavour and in terms of what it offered on the tongue it really didn't need fancy designs to prove itself.

Duffys Star of Panama Bar

I have to say that this is the nicest dark chocolate bar I have tried in a while, the melt of it was absolutely out of this world, it was so creamy & buttery for a dark chocolate and it completely enrobed your mouth, it was warm, comforting and made me feel all soft & fuzzy inside.

The bar definately isn't the most intense of chocolates, with the flavour it offered being very subtle and it certainly isn't one to knock your socks off, but this really appealled to me, it was unobtrusive and made its statement without being too over the top and the bar was gone within a few sittings! The warm buttery toast flavour with the hints of chestnut blended firstly to create a nice sweet beginning before melting into a deeper richer slightly more bitter flavour with slight tobacco notes; however for anyone who thinks that dark chocolate always has to be extremely acidic I challenge them to try this bar because in my opinion it was a lot creamier, richer and sweeter than I expected and provided great comfort on a cold blustery night!

Duffys Star of Panama Bar

Taste - 8.7/10 - Gorgeous, one of the nicest dark chocolate bars I have had in a while, unoffending but present, sweet, creamy and oh so delicious.
Texture - 9.1/10 - Such a buttery rich creamy melt, one of the best I have experienced in a while.
Apperance - 7.6/10 - A nice simplistic bar with a good even structure throughout.
Price - 8.4/10 - At £3.95/£3.50 it's certainly not one to pass up!
Overall - 8.5/10 - Definately one to try, whether you're a milk chocolate or dark chocolate lover.

You can get Duffy's Bars from either Chocadores or have a look at his website


  1. I've actually heard of this chocolate before! Sometimes a bar of plain chocolate really hits the spot.

  2. I was disappointed by this bar. Although I liked it, I was not as overwhelmed by it, as I expected to be after reading what everyone else had to say about Duffy's chocolates.