Sunday, 8 May 2011

Just Brownies Chocolate Chilli Brownie

Chocolate and chilli, a well known excellent combo, so it is no doubt that it would work equally as well in brownie form, which is what Just Brownies had to offer with one of their latest brownies they sent me, a Chocolate Chilli Brownie - with slithers of fresh chilli, a dash of cinnamon and a dusting of dried chilli flakes it certainly sounded  like it was going to pack some heat!

As usual, the brownie was presented wonderfully, hand wrapped and with great details in terms of nutrition and best before date, it has a really homemade feel, much better than anything in terms of a "brownie" that you might pick up from the supermarket shelves that are dry, crunchy and full of added preservatives.

Just Brownies Chocolate Chilli Brownie

As I sliced into the brownie you can just tell in terms of texture the level at which it has been made at, it is extremely moist, soft, gooey and melt in the mouth are just some of the words I would use to describe it and in terms of texture it is exactly what a brownie should be.

On biting into this substantial looking brownie I was expecting great waves of heat immediately, with the not only fresh chilli but also dried chilli atopping the brownie I presumed my palate would be on fire; however you are firstly greeted with a deep rich cocoa flavour, not overly sweet but extremely rich and sumptuous.  After a few bites and letting it melt in my mouth I still wasn't really getting any strong chilli flavours and I was starting to think that maybe my brownie hadn't had any chilli in it, until eventually it started to come through. It seemed to be just a nice pleasant kick, providing a nice warmth in the mouth, but not something for real choc-chilli lovers, I just didn't think it was spicy enough.

Just Brownies Chocolate Chilli Brownie

However, by the time I had finished the brownie my opinion had most definately changed, with my mouth experiencing the true heat of the chilli, this is definately a chocolate chilli combination in which the flavour builds throughout eating leaving you with a gooey warming finish and maybe causing you to reach for a glass of milk to go with this brownie, but in my opinion..what better!!

Just Brownies Chocolate Chilli Brownie

Taste - 7/10 - I maybe would have preferred the chilli to make a greater appearance earlier on rather than being hit by it all at the end; nevertheless it was still tasty and anyone who enjoys chocolate & chilli will appreciate this offering.
Texture - 8/10 - Excellent, good thick substantial brownie that literally just melts on your mouth, not dry whatsoever.
Appearance - 7/10 - Good information on nutrition and best before date, very handmade presentation and certainly doesn't look mass produced.
Price - 8.3/10 - You can purchase 6 brownies for £6 on Just Brownies website, that's only a £1 a brownie and they certainly are substantial and satisfying!
Overall - 7.5/10 - I did like this offering from Just Brownies, I think in terms of taste I preferred their Valencia Orange but this still is delicious and the texture is just to die for!

You can take a look at Just Brownies on their newly revamped website at

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  1. I had a gorgeous fudge packer brownie at Easter... had globules of fudge inside it as well as a pool of fudge on top ;o)