Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lucky's Tiny Pieces of Wonderland

After buying these Lucky's little Tastes of Wonderland at the Chocolate Festival I was so excited to try them, I had actually been planning to buy some online over the website but thankfully they had some when I was down at Southbank and after all the good reviews I had heard about these I couldn't wait to dig in.

Lucky's London Tiny Pieces of Wonderland

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Lucky's base their products on Alice in Wonderland and these cakes are inspired by the Mad Hatters Tea Party I presume, they come in various flavours and are either a honey cake/deep 70% cacao chocolate brownie, with various fillings, coated in delicious Valrhona chocolate, oh wow yum. They may look quite delicate and petite but don't be fooled these are actually extremely satisfying once you start digging in.

The two I bought, were obvious chocices for me really, I opted to buy one of the Honey Time collection and one of the Brownie Collection in Nutty Delay & Chunky Nutter respectively. I decided to try the Chunky Nutter first; this was a rich chocolate brownie complete with white chocolate chunks and pecans and enrobed in Valrhona 40% milk chocolate.

Lucky's London Tiny Pieces of Wonderland
The brownie itself was absolutely gorgeous, it was deep, delicious and extremely moist and finished off with the Valrhona chocolate it provided a wonderful chocolatey affair, I didn't particularly get many pecans or white chocolate chunks in mine but it didn't spoil the experience whatsoever, it was so amazingly tasty and I managed to polish off the whole thing within the space of a minute or so. It was completely different to anything I've tried before and not only is it excellent quality but it is also extremely moreish and something any chocolate or cake lover would enjoy.

Lucky's London Tiny Pieces of Wonderland

The next one I tried was the Nutty Delay, now normally I'm not really a huge fan of honey cake or anything like this but it worked so deliciously in this concoction; a honey cake with a praline filling coated with 35% Valrhona white chocolate. The honey cake was slightly drier than the brownie but the moistness was added by the smooth rich praline filling that contrasted superbly with the lightly spiced honey cake and the sweeter white chocolate coating. Normally I find anything containing white chocolate too sweet but this worked perfectly with the cake, it wasn't overly sweet, just creamy, nutty and delicious.

Lucky's London Tiny Pieces of Wonderland

After sampling only these 2 products from Lucky's I can certainly tell you that I am in love already, they are such a unique diverse chocolate product and will please not only chocolate lovers but cake lovers alike, they are of extremely high quality and deliver not only on taste but also on texture and appearance, I just wish that I had managed to grab a few more different flavours when I was down in Southbank and with new exciting flavours already out containing banana & coconut I am oh so tempted by Lucky's latest offerings! Definately one to try!!

Lucky's London Tiny Pieces of Wonderland
Taste - 9.1/10 - Delicious, couldn't really fault them all that much on flavour, they are not overly sweet and are completely unique to anything on the market at the  minute.
Texture - 9/10 - Extremely satisfying, the brownie is incredibly moist and provide a wonderful gooey, rich, chocolate covered experience.
Appearance - 9/10 - Not only are these Tiny Pieces of Wonderland delicious they are also presented beautifully.
Price - 7.4/10 - They are quite expensive priced at £3.50 for one, but when you consider the work that goes into them and the fact they are coated with Valrhona chocolate, they would be perfect for a present or as a little treat for yourself.
Overall - 8.8/10 - I absolutely loved these products from Lucky's I am not normally a huge fan of cake but the fact of how different these were and the gorgeous fillings and sumptuous Valrhona chocolate coating just ticked every box for me.

To take a look at Lucky's Range you can visit their online wonderland at


  1. I love the name and concept behind these chocolates! "Tiny pieces of wonderland," how cute! Coating brownies or cake in chocolate is pretty much the best idea ever.