Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dartmoor Naga Chilli White Chocolate Lava Bar & Competition!

Ah the classic combo of chocolate & chilli once again, but this time with a different approach; all too often it seems that chilli is paired with dark chocolate but a relatively local company, Dartmoor Chilli Farm, that specialise in growing and making various different chilli products have decided to pair it with white chocolate. Although having Olive Tree Chocolate company making the bar all of the Bhut Jolokia Chillies (ghost peppers) that are used in the bar are grown at their own chilli farm and on doing a bit of research I found that at one point this chilli was ranked the hottest one in the world...oh my I wondered how much heat this bar was going to pack!

One of my local specialist food stockists, Mmm..Food, who stocks this bar, challenged me to try it, apparently it was extremely hot and having done a bit of research about the bar and hearing a few peoples comments on it was meant to give a real punch! However in the name of chocolate I decided to give it a go..I mean really how hot could it be.

Dartmoor Chilli Lava Chocolate Bar

The bar itself is fairly simplistically presented, in clear plastic wrapping with good details of ingredients plus a warning that this bar is HOT! Oh dear. Even the bar itself has a slight pinky/red tinge to it, which really should have been a warning sign that this bar isn't for the faint hearted. Smelling the bar, it didn't particularly smell spicy, sometimes with chilli bars you can detect the heat just from the smell but this bar just offered aromas of creamy sweet white chocolate, enticing me in to try it.

However this is where this bar turns thorougly evil, after enticing you in with its sweet smells the chilli flavour soon starts to emerge. At first all you get is the creamy white chocolate, no real presence of chilli, and I found myself, thinking, falsely I might add, that this bar wasn't going to be too spicy. Nevertheless the heat builds in this bar like I have never experienced before, it goes from 0 to HEAT in about 3 seconds and I found my mouth burning my tongue tingling and my nose literally erupting with heat! I suppose the white chocolate acts as a "milk" as such cooling the heat from the extraordinarily hot chilli and definately was the best chocolate to pair it with considering the heat.

Dartmoor Chilli Lava Chocolate Bar

For anyone who absolutely loves having their mouth burned with the sheer heat of chilli then I would certainly have to say to try this bar, or to anyone who likes to challenge themselves to see how much heat they can handle! It just wasn't for me however; I  like my chocolate experiences to not involve my mouth burning and me running around the kitchen searching for something to cool it down..and this was only after half a cube! I still have the majority of the bar left and if anyone would like to enter the competition to win the rest of it to challenge the heat themselves then simply follow and RT this post on Twitter, @LotOChoc, as frankly it was just too hot for me!

Taste - 4/10 - Just far too hot, nothing wrong with it as such but got a lot more chilli than chocolate, certainly not for the faint hearted.
Texture - 6.3/10 - A smooth white chocolate texture, slightly waxy, but was pleased that the chilli was smoothly incorporated throughout the bar.
Appearance - 5.9/10 - Fairly simplistically presented but with good information on the bar along with a warning issued!
Price - 6.6/10 - This bar is priced at £2.50 which is relatively reasonable whether you want to buy it for pleasure or just to challenge yourself!
Overall - 5.7/10 - Too much heat with my chocolate unfortunately!

To take a look at Dartmoor Chilli's chocolate range you can visit them here.


  1. How interesting...a chili white chocolate bar! Who would have thought! Perhaps a little less heat might make it more palatable.

  2. Wasn't aware that Dartmoor was relatively local to Tyneside...? Also, you should try the 'extremely hot' Dartmoor bar - it's even hotter than this one.

  3. I don't think it could be too hot for me - the hotter the better! @emma1111111
    I have entered the competition to win by following on Twitter & tweeting a link to this giveaway page.

  4. I'm following on twitter and have tweeted about the comp. Would love to try it. @maisietoo