Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fabuloso Splendido Hot Chocolate Soap

This is the first non-edible chocolate product I've had here at Lot-O-Choc, it won't become a regular thing but I think sometimes its nice to review something that is trying to incorporate the rich decadence of chocolate in another product to tempt you, so it is with this that I shall present you some Hot Chocolate Soap made by a company called Fabuluso Splendido that creates a variety of products ranging from soaps to handmade jewellery!

Now normally I'm not really a big fan of bar soaps, I much normally opt for the liquid kind but if it contained chocolate could it tempt me? This soap boasted a rich hot chocolatey flavour and contained real cocoa powder for good exfoliation! When opening it out of its nicely tied ribbon packaging the first thing I had to do was smell if of course, I wanted to see how chocolatey it smelt and hoped that it was going to make me want to devour the bar..of soap!

Fabuloso Splendido Hot Chocolate Soap

Unfortunately I found that this wasn't really the case, the chocolate smell wasn't particularly strong and smelt more floral and fragrant than rich and decadent but I was willing to give it a shot. In terms of the texture of the soap it is really good and when you wash yourself with it, it certainly does feel luxurious.

Fabuloso Splendido Hot Chocolate Soap

It provided an excellent lather and left your hands feeling wonderfully smooth and moisturised, unlike so many barred soaps that have often left my hands feeling extremely dry. If it was being reviewed in terms of it being a good soap or not it would pass with flying colours, it certainly is and for anyone who wants a good moisturising rich feeling soap then I would certainly recommend this.

However if it is a good "chocolate" soap then unfortunately I have to say its not, it didn't really have me craving chocolate and I felt that it just didn't provide a rich enough of a smell to tempt me into chocolatey ways. I think the only way to tempt me with chocolate it seems is the pure stuff!

Fabuloso Splendido Hot Chocolate Soap

Smell - 5/10 - It just wasn't chocolatey enough for me :(
Texture - 8/10 - The texture of the soap was really good and I did like the addition of the cocoa powder to make it feel like it had at least integrated something of a real chocolate nature into it.
Appearance - 6/10 - It wasn't the prettiest looking bars of soaps but it was presented nicely and provided a good chocolate colour.
Price - 8/10 - The soap is priced at £2.50 which is really good value considering you get quite a large bar for your money.
Overall - 6.8/10 - A good soap but just not chocolatey enough for me!

You can have a look at Fabuluso Splendidos full range at

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  1. its not edible thats a shame...

    ...a few years ago in Body Shop they did a chocolate orange bodywash - that smelt divine but it didnt taste very nice...

    the downside (apart from the taste) was that I kept on blowing bubbles ;o)