Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Jon L Stopay Blueberry Cream

This was another chocolate I got sent from from her local chocolatier Jon L Stopay. After previously trying the Peanut Butter Chiffon Easter Eggs and absolutely adoring them I was hoping for great things from this Blueberry Cream.

Now normally I am not a huge fan of fruit creams in chocolate anyway, but you can tell when one is at least made well and is of good quality, I am sorry to say that this wasn't one of them. In fact it was horrific, and was one of the most artificial chocolates I have seen in a long long time.

Jon L Stopay Blueberry Cream

From the outside it seems like your regular fruit cream, apart from the fact that it's quite large and could more be classed as a "bar" of fruit cream, rather than just your single serving you may get in a box of chocolates, it was coated in milk chocolate but what was lurking inside was a completely different story.

When I cut into the egg I was met with a BRIGHT blue sticky claggy marshmallow like filling...the bright blue put me off straight away, there was not a chance that a filling this colour could be natural tasting could it? As I bit into the cream these thoughts were solidified, the flavouring was so artifical it was unbelievable, it just reeked of chemicals with a sticky artificial aftertaste. These certainly aren't child..or adult friendly for that matter!

Jon L Stopay Blueberry Cream

I would go as far as to say as this has to be one of the worst fruit creams I've tried unfortunately and on looking on the back of the packaging there was at least 10 ingredients that I hadn't heard of with a bunch of artificial ingredients chucked in there, not good!

Taste - 1.4/10 - Not nice at all.
Texture - 1.4/10 - I think the texture was equally as bad as the flavour, sticky and claggy and yak.
Apperance - 3/10 - The outside makes it look sweet and innocent but don't be fooled by whats lurking inside!
Price - NA/10 - I'm not sure what these were priced at but I don't think I would pay anything to experience this again.
Overall - 2/10 - Certainly not a nice product and I wouldn't recommend anyone with a fear of artificial stuff to go near it!

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  1. wow that doesn't even LOOK appetizing. Yuck.

  2. Eeew. I like blueberries and chocolate, but neon blue filling looks really nasty.

  3. Haha, I knew it before I even read. It looks like a melted smurf inside.