Friday, 22 July 2011

Chocolate Wizard Chocolate Selection

With the release of the final Harry Potter film a week today I thought it was fitting to review a new chocolatier, named, The Chocolate Wizard. I always think its great finding a new chocolatier with a great story behind them; and this certainly was the case for the Chocolate Wizard, a chocolate company owned and produced by a young teenage boy named David Craggs, aged just 13 he set up his own Chocolate Company as part of Enterprise UK competition to sell and market chocolates to students mothers at his school; once the competition was over he decided to continue his chocolate making as a full fledged business, creating "The Chocolate Wizard".

The Chocolate Wizard Selection

Of course for any young teenage boy to suceed at producing chocolates is an achievement in itself but when reviewing his chocolates David asked that I review them regardless of his age; as if they were any other chocolate that you would buy, so it is this I will do.

The chocolates arrived in 2 large clear bags brimming with David's handmade chocolates; unfortunately however with them being sent in a bag quite a few had become a bit squashed, thankfully however on Davids website he does offer you the option of being able to have the chocolates sent out to you in a box. The chocolates came complete with a large menu, detailing what each chocolate was and with 17 different flavours I was spoilt for choice!

The Chocolate Wizard Selection

The flavour range that David has produced is excellent, there are a wide range of chocolates to suit everyones tastes from classic ganaches to Glacé Cherry in a Vodka Cup and its great to see that hes not sticking to simple chocolates but being adventurous in creating new and different flavours. Visually the chocolates aren't quite there yet, they have the basis of looking brilliant but need just a little bit of polishing round the edges to give them that real completed exquisite look.

The Chocolate Wizard Selection

On tasting the chocolates I was met with the same predicament with the texture, its so close to being excellent, but just a few grainy bits here and there stopped them from having that perfected completed feel, they were good but could be improved upon slightly. The flavours the chocolates presented were exactly what they were described as, there was no messing around here, the different flavour elements were there but the predominant taste however was sugar. This means that David's chocolates are probably more suited to the commercial market; me not having that big of a sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate wasn't a huge fan but my family absolutely loved them, which shows that his products will really fit well in the commercial range.

The Chocolate Wizard Selection

It seems like David is almost there with perfect his Chocolate Wizard range of chocolates, a few tweaks here and there and these could be better than most of the stuff you see on the High Streets and what with many years ahead of him I'm sure we'll see The Chocolate Wizard around for quite some time!

Taste - 5.7/10 - Much more suited to the commercial range of chocolates but a good range of flavours.
Texture - 7.3/10 - The textures were pretty good, almost there.
Appearance - 6/10 - Some of the chocolates were very visually pretty such as the heart shaped chocolates but some need just a little more care.
Price - 7.7/10 - For a bag of 15 chocolates its only £5 which is pretty darn reasonable I think!
Overall - 6.7/10 - A great start for The Chocolate Wizard

If you want to have a full look at The Chocolate Wizard's range you can take a look at his website


  1. I saw these reviewed elsewhere. I think it's awesome that he's started a business at such a young age.

    I'm sure he would score better in the reviews if he didn't put different and unwrapped flavors loosely in a bag.

  2. How neat that he started a business at 13! At that age, I was probably still selling lemonade in front of my house haha.