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Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

TK Maxx, if you can really be bothered to search through the shelves you can find some real bargains, to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the clothes and stuff there, I can never be bothered to try and find a gem..but the chocolate bargains are excellent and this Green and Blacks box of chocolates was no exception, I saw them in my local Fenwicks shop for £10.99, TK Maxx price..£2! An offer like that I just simply couldn't refuse and with the selection of flavours offered in them, they sounded extremely tempting, I would never normally buy Green & Blacks chocolates for myself but these looked delicious with offerings of: Crispy Oaty Crunch, Chewy Caramel, Milk Chocolate Truffle, White Ganache, Lemon Fondant & Turkish Delight. Yum!

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

Inside the box you can see that the chocolates are nicely laid out and that the selection offers 4 Crispy Oaty Crunch, 4 Chewy Caramel, 3 Milk Chocolate Truffle, 2 White Ganache, 2 Lemon Fondant & 3 Turkish Delight. The Crispy Oat Crunch appealed to me at first, it looked the most different chocolate in the box consisting of a solid milk chocolate base with a chewy honey oaty raisin cluster topping, reminding me slightly of a florentine.

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

Crispy Oat Crunch - 6.7/10

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection
With there being 4 of these in the box, along with the Chewy Caramel, it gave the oppurtunity to sample & share this one a number of times and although it wasn't amazing, I'd say a good word to describe it would be pleasant. There wasn't a particularly strong flavour of anything, very light honey notes with a savoury edge offered from the oat pieces whilst the milk chocolate provided a nice creamy milky background. The textures were the most impressive, I loved the different texture the chewy oat cluster atop provided and thankfully wasn't break your teeth hard, I'd probably describe it as a more savoury fruit & nut chocolate offering.

Chewy Caramel - 7.1/10

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

Again the texture of this was absolutely beautiful, a chewy yet soft caramel enrobed in dark chocolate it offered very soft light caramel notes with hints of light brown sugar.  Thankfully unlike so many caramels it wasn't overly sweet and it wasn't so hard that if you were the age of where you no longer had your real teeth you wouldn't have to worry about the falsies coming out with the texture being buttery rich and meltingly soft. I wouldn't say this was the best caramel I've ever tasted but it was pretty good, it just could have done with having a bit more of a stronger caramel flavour for my liking.

Milk Chocolate Truffle - 7.4/10

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

When I think of a chocolate truffle I normally think deep, decadent and smoothly seductive. This truffle although not really ticking any of those boxes was still relatively nice, it wasn't what I would class as a "luxurious" truffle, more of a ganache actually, but it still was extremely tasty. It provided a lovely creamy milky chocolate with a very smooth filling that melted wonderfully on the tongue, to say this is a truffle though, to me, feels a  bit like false advertising.

White Chocolate Ganache - 7.6/10

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

Surprisingly this was my favourite chocolate in the box! I know, normally finding white chocolate too sweet I found this offering just right. It didn't have that disgusting reeking of sugar feel to it and instead tasted almost as if it was slightly alcoholic, it wasn't, with a wonderful deep bourbon vanilla flavour, with gorgeous vanilla pods flecked through the extremely smooth ganache filling. The texture was absolutely divine and I was quite upset that there was only 2 of these in the box...needless to say I made sure I got them both!

Lemon Fondant - 7/10
Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

This chocolate consisted of a soft lemon fondant, slightly harder and chewier than your usual fruit creams, coated in dark chocolate. It wasn't too overpowering and the lovely refreshing lemon notes contrasted well with the deep dark chocolate exterior and luckily for my taste buds it didn't have that awfully sharp kitchen cleaner to it! The texture was smooth and soft and broke down well in the mouth with no hint of gritty sugar thankfully making it a lovely chocolate for lemon fans!

Turkish Delight - 6.8/10

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Selection

Ok I have obviously never had proper Turkish Delight before, much the same as Marzipan, I have always thought that Turkish Delight flavour was just sugar sugar and more sugar making my teeth stand on edge and cry out for a good brush! This chocolate was nothing like that, although I probably wouldn't rush to go out and buy soome I did enoy it. The Turkish Delight filling melted away perfectly in the mouth and the flavour wasn't too sweet nor too fragrant offering a pleasant middle ground.

Overall I think this chocolate find has to be one of the bargains of the year and although I probably wouldn't pay £10.99 for them, I would probably stretch to about £8 as they were a wonderful box of chocolates offering good classic flavours. This is probably the sort of box of chocolates you'd buy for someone a bit older or a bit less adventurous with different flavours or new brands, something that you know that they're bound to enjoy and won't disappoint in terms of good old British chocolate.

Taste - 7/10 - All the chocolates were at least pleasant, there were none that I found that I didn't like and although they may not have all been amazing I did enjoy them all.
Texture - 8.3/10 - The textures throughout the selection were all excellent, especially the caramel and the ganache that literally melted in the mouth.
Appearance - 6.3/10 - There's nothing I can really say that I loved about the appearance of these chocolates, they're simplistic and classic.
Price - 10/10 - It's hard to really sort of rate this one, I'm rating a 10 due to them only being £2 but at their usual price of £10.99 I think the price would be more around 6.5.
Overall - 7.9/10 - A box of chocolates for the older and less daring of society but tasty nonetheless.

To have a look at Green & Black's UK website you can visit it here.

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  1. Wow, new to me. I've been recently thinking G&B should branch out into chocolate confectionary such as this. Interesting to see they did once!