Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ritter Sport White Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts

One of the many advantages of going on holiday abroad, apart from of course, sun, sea, sand and relaxation is the possibility of bringing back yummy chocolate that you can't get here in the UK. I always worry that the chocolate isn't going to survive the journey back but thankfully a short flight from Portugal seemed to do the few bars I got no harm and this Ritter Sport White Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts is the first of the collection I brought back that I am going to review.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Ritter Sport they are a German Chocolate company that produce a range of different 100g block bars of chocolate, either plain, or with a range of delicious fillings/additions, that were designed in a wonderful unique square shape to stop them breaking in peoples jacket pockets apparently! I've only ever seen Ritter Sport chocolate bars in my local Fenwicks shop before and even then the selection isn't huge so when I saw some different bars on holiday I seized the oppurtunity to grab every single one!

Ritter Sport White with Whole Hazelnuts

Normally I wouldn't rush towards a bar of white chocolate but Ritter Sports take with Whole Roasted caramelised hazelnuts sounded extremely tempting and thinking I may never see it again to try I just had to pick it up..and oh how glad I am that I did. I cracked open this beauty the other night and I ashamed to say that it all went in one sitting between me and my family, it was absolutely delicious and the best white chocolate bar I've tried before.

As you can see this bar certainly doesn't skimp on hazelnuts with an extremely generous portion of hazelnuts throughout the whole bar. The white chocolate wasn't overly sweet whatsoever and instead was pleasantly creamy and vanillary that worked excellently with the strong caramelised roasted hazelnut taste that the nuts provided. The hazelnuts were the perfect size creating a deliciously crunchy texture that made them the real star of the show rather than feeling like they were obtrusive to the texture of the chocolate which made you just want to keep munching away at it!

Ritter Sport White with Whole Hazelnuts

If I had to describe this I would probably say it was a more chocolately upmarket version of the Kinder Bueno with a much fresher crunchier hazelnut flavour; anyone who likes nuts in their chocolate, and I mean real nuts, not the little tiny pieces you can find in some bars I would strongly recommend that you try to get your hands on this and if anyone has any idea where I may be able to pick up some more Ritter Sport in this countty or any readers from abroad I would more than welcome some more of their products to review as this certainly didn't disappoint!

Ritter Sport White with Whole Hazelnuts

Taste - 9/10 - The nicest white chocolate bar I've tasted in a long long fact ever I think.
Texture - 9.3/10 - I loved the texture of this, it was crunchy, nutty and extremely moreish.
Appearance - 8/10 - I like the square approach of the bar and you can see that the bar certainly packs a lot of nuts!
Price - 8.3/10 - I think I paid maybe about the equivalent of £2 for this bar, definately would pay that again!
Overall - 8.7/10 - Well wortht the trip to Portugal!

If you want to have a look at Ritter Sport's range you can view there website here


  1. That does look fantastic. Did this one have bits of rice? I've seen reviews of some that did.

    I would try contacting ritter directly to see about getting bars.

  2. It was amazingly good! Mine didn't have rice in I don't think, if so I never noticed it, all I got was hazelnuts.
    Yeh ive given them an email, havent heard back yet though :(

  3. I love Ritter Sport's bars! In the US, they're available in big supermarkets like Target. They have some really unusual chocolates. I think there's one with cornflakes.
    I like a good white chocolate every once in a while as long as it's not too sweet. I'll have to try this one!

  4. Oh really! Do you get many different ones out there?
    If youd ever be interested in doing a chocolate swap id love to, or if theres antyhnig from the UK you want sending over.