Monday, 15 August 2011

Fudge Fancies

Any fudge with flavours such as Sticky Toffee Pudding, Strawberries & Cream and Lemon & Lime gets me salivating..I used to think I didn't like fudge, I can thankfully say I have been converted after trying these delicious chocolate fudge confections from Fudge Fancies, a gourmet Fudge companuy based in Middlesborough, yay for another great company based in the North East!

Fudge Fancies

With fudges I have tried in the past I've always found them far too sugary where you can actually feel the crystallised sugar in your mouth or, the absolute opposite, where the fudge is like you get in Pick n Mix sweets where you can just really tell how artificial it is. These gourmet fudges are certainly in a different class completely.

Fudge Fancies

The fudges arrived in a lovely presentable box complete with a menu detailing the 8 different fudge flavours that can be found within the box : Strawberries & Cream, Dark Chocolate & Cranberries, Dark Chocolate & Crystallised Ginger, Cappuccino Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Dark Chocolate & Orange Zest, Milk Chocolate Cashew & Raisins and White Chocolate Lemon & Lime. Did I hear anyone say yum?!

The fudge pieces are the perfect size, you can either cut them into nice chunks to share out with friends..or if youre really greedy you can pop them into your mouth in 2 swift bites enjoying the delightful layers of the chocolate fudge and hardened chocolate toppings; the first one that I decided to go for was Cappuccino Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon.

Cappuccino Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon - 7.6/10
Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

Although the menu said this was a white chocolate fudge mixed with cinnamon & coffee essence covered with milk chocolate & topped with a peaberry coffee bean mine was actually the other way round with it being a milk chocolate fudge with a white chocolate topping, I don't know whether this was wrong in terms of the menu or whether my piece of fudge had been made wrong but either way it was still yummy despite not being my favourite in the box. The milk chocolate fudge melted perfectly in the mouth with light subtle coffee notes that were present but not overpowering so with a woody edge added by the cinnamon.

Dark Chocolate & Cranberries - 8.3/10
Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

This fudge consisted of a dark chocolate fudge covered in dark chocolate mixed with dried cranberries and was so much better than what I was expecting it to be. I'm not a huge fan of cranberries to be honest but they worked so well in this piece of fudge. Again the texture was absolutely amazing just melting into a luxurious paste in the mouth whilst the dried juicy cranberries injected some chewiness along with a refreshing burst of fruitiness against the deeper dark chocolate flavour.

Dark Chocolate & Orange Zest - 8.1/10

Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

Made up of a dark chocolate covered fudge mixed with orange zest and orange juice this was so so refreshing and not artificial tasting whatsoever with there being natural orange juice and natural orange rind present in the fudge. The dark chocolate fudge flavour was neither too bitter nor too sweet whilst the orange flavour didn't make a huge presence at first but built slowly as the fudge broke down in the mouth.

Dark Chocolate with Crystallised Ginger - 8.5/10

Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

Mm this was my favourite piece of fudge in the whole box, there was something about it that just ticked all the boxes for me. A dark chocolate fudge mixed with crystallised ginger created the ultimate combo and was like eating a warm piece of chocolatey gingerbread, I really think I'll need to get a big box of these as they seem just like the ultimate comfort food to get you through the cold winters! Amazing!

Milk Chocolate Cashew & Raisins - 7.6/10

Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

A milk chocolate fudge covered with milk chocolate mixed with cashew nuts & raisins. The milk chocolate flavour of the fudge was good, but I found this offering slightly too sweet for my taste buds despite the nice nutty and fruity flavours offered by the good substantial pieces of cashew nuts and whole raisins dispersed throughout the fudge. However sweeter toothed members of my family absolutely devoured this one and wished it had been bigger, so give this one to a sweet tooth lover!

Sticky Toffee Pudding - 8.1/10

Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

A dark chocolate fudge mixed with dates, raisins & caramel, covered in white chocolate. Dessert in fudge form!! What could be better! It was crammed with raisins and dates and although it didn't have a strong caramel flavour it definately was present whilst the fruit within the fudge created a perfect texture that was not only delightfully smooth but gooey and chewy at the same time!

Strawberries & Cream - 8/10

Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

This was the first of the white chocolate fudges I tried and I don't know what it was about them but the white chocolate fudge texture was absolutely amazing, not that the other textures were bad, in fact they were excellent, but this was superb. It was so creamy & light and felt like a pillow of fudgey heaven mixed with the juicy dried strawberries that brought a wonderful refreshing flavour to the creamy fudge. It really was like eating a bowl of strawberries & cream and despite both white chocolate and fudge obviously being present it wasn't sickly sweet whatsoever!

White Chocolate Lemon & Lime - 8.2/10

Fudge Fancies Fudge Fancies

Another superb white chocolate fudge, it was beautiful with the white chocolate fudge being mixed with lemon juice and lime zest it had such a refreshing flavour with a smooth creamy sweetness from the fudge and a delicious background tang from the citrus fruits. The perfect ending to an amazing box of fudge.

For anyone who loves fudge you simply have to try this collection from Fudge Fancies, I haven't really seen anything like this on the market recently and it really does hit a spot in a niche market, as I know for sure that I'd rather have this gourmet fudge than any cheap sweet shop stuff any day and with new flavours being added all the time my mouth is already watering at the sound of Mango & Coconut, Eton Mess & After Dinner!
Taste - 8.1/10 - Delicious flavours that are exactly as described, fresh & of excellent quality.
Texture - 8.4/10 - The texture was absolutely divine and melted away in your mouth in a smooth fudgey mess.
Appearance - 7.9/10 - The fudges are all elegantly presented and each one came wrapped in a clear sellophane piece to stop them from marking the box and to keep them fresh...the size of them was also excellent, no complains there!
Price - 7.8/10 - At £9.60 for 8 pieces of fudge it may sound quite expensive but when you look at how big the pieces of fudge are and the delicious flavours offered I would say its well worth the money.
Overall - 8.1/10 - Fudge heaven!

To have a look at Fudge Fancies you can visit the website at


  1. They are excellent, aren't they? I can't wait til I can get myself some more!

  2. I know they were delicious, love the sound of the newer flavours as well!