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Gorvett and Stone Summer 'Ice Cream' Collection

Snif, there's not that much longer of summer left, we still seem to be getting some nice days but the weather is getting more hit & miss so we definately have to make the most of not only the warmer temperatures and sunshine but also the delicious summer themed chocolates companies are bringing out this year, for example Gorvett & Stone's Summer Ice Cream collection complete with : Banana Split, Tutti Frutti, Neapolitan, Rum & Raisin, Raspberry Ripple, Neapolitan & Chocolate Chip.

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

There's nothing more that I love than going on holiday and getting a big delicious ice cream to help cool me down; unfortunately in this country we don't get all that much of a chance to need to cool down with ice cream!! So Gorvett & Stone's box of summer themed chocolates really helped me to still enjoy the delicious flavours of summer without having to eat ice cream on a day when it was freezing cold and chucking it down with rain!!

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

The Chocolate Chip chocolates in my box got replaced with 2 Strawberry and Black Pepper chocolates, which were unfortunately my least favourite in the box, but the collection was still tasty with a good selection of different flavours.

Banana Split - 7.2/10
an ivory chocolate banana ganache with a hint of nutmeg, topped with a piece of slowly dried intensely flavoured banana.

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

I found this chocolate slightly too sickly to enjoy both of them, I  keep banging on about finding the perfect banana & chocolate combo but I think I have come to the conclusion that I simply don't like banana flavour in chocolate. However it was extremely well made with good fresh flavours of banana and nothing too overpowering or artificial.

Tutti Frutti - 6.3/10
like the name, fruits, nuts, a splash of kirsch and decorated with a slice of candied angelica.

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

This chocolate tasted as if it almost had a alcohol in it with a slight tangy edge to it..and on research I found out that it had a splash of Kirsch in! There were good amounts of fruit and nuts dispersed throughout the chocolate and the white chocolate wasn't too sweet but I would have liked it to bit more of a fruity zing rather than that of alcoholic Kirsch.

Neapolitan - 8.1/10
a triple layered treat of vanilla ganache sandwhiched between layers of chocolate and strawberry. Decorated with a sprinkling of crispy butter wafer.

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

Mmm I thoroughly enjoyed this, not only is the presentation beautiful in which you can see each of the 3 layers of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate but the flavours all really come through. The fruity strawberry and the creamy vanilla paired wonderfully with the darker chocolate and was refreshingly light yet deep all at the same time!

Rum & Raisin - 8.3/10 raisins drunk on Rum stud a malty milk chocolate ganache before sobering up in a layer of very dark chocolate and cocoa.

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

Surprisingly this was my 2nd favourite chocolate in the whole box..I know shock horror..me enjoy a chocolate with rum in!! Alas this chocolate had light hints of rum but nothing that made me dislike it with the real highlight of this chocolate being the delicious texture of it complete with gorgeous pieces of raisins dispersed throughout.

Raspberry Ripple - 8.5/10 
our secret recipe raspberry sauce swirled throught an ivory chocolate ganache.

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

Not only was this one of my favourite flavours of ice cream as a child but it also really stood out in this box of chocolates to me. It was so refreshing bursting with delicious raspberry flavour with a slight creamy edge to it due to the white ivory ganache. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second one of these!

Strawberry & Black Pepper - 6/10

Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates Gorvett & Stones Summer Chocolates

Unfortunately my least favourite of the box, however this isn't actually included in the selection that Gorvett & Stone offer. It had a very good smooth ganache like texture with almost balsamic like hints to the chocolate. The black pepper was present as was the fruitiness of the strawberry but it didn't do anything amazing for me.

All in all this was a good selection of summer chocolates offered by Gorvett & Stone, there were a couple of things that I might have changed but I did definately enjoy them and just wish I had got to try the chocolate chip! They were presented beautifully and I love how their chocolates are not only packaged but are presented in a smaller form so you can try one of each without feeling you've pigged yourself! Definately worth buying to make the most of the last of the summer!!

Taste -  7.4/10 - A nice range of fruity and creamy chocolates with good fresh flavours throughout.
Texture - 7.4/10 - Textures were all good, especially the rum and raisin chocolate!
Appearance -7.6/10 - Love how the chocolates are boxed by Gorvett & Stone and are nice bitesized chocolates.
Price - 6.4/10 - For a box containing 12 chocolates like I received they are priced at £8.95, it might be a bit more than you are willing to pay considering the chocolates are quite small so maybe just as a special treat.
Overall - 7.2/10 - A nice selection of chocolates but may be a tad over priced for what you get.

You can view Gorvett & Stone's website at http://www.gorvettandstone.com/

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