Thursday, 4 August 2011

Taza Vanilla Bean Disks

You may remember quite a while ago I reviewed the Salted Almond Disk from the American chocolate company Taza who pride themselves on producing mexican like chocolate with their unique processing methods to create a completely different chocolate experience.

Along with the Salted Almond Disk that Victoria sent me I was also sent the Vanilla Bean one to try, again I decided to just try this in its whole chocolately form rather than making it into a drink as I'd really rather let it melt in my mouth than in my cup!

Taza Vanilla Bean Disk

The disk of course again had the same unique texture, the crumbly feel of the sugar crystals and pieces of cacao slowly breaking down in your mouth; of course it isnt your type of chocolate that completely enrobes your mouth in a rich melt but it was nice to try a texture different from the norm here and provided a nice experience.

Although I didn't like these disks as much as the Salted Almond variety they were still nice; there were slight vanilla flavours but nothing too powerful and with what I tasted, fruity understones of red berries, such as strawberries & raspberries emerging from the chocolate.
It really reminded me of a sort of chocolate dessert you may get in a restaurant that has been drizzled with berry sauce and evoked in my mind images of warm chocolate fudge cake with cream and strawberry sauce..mmm!

Taza Vanilla Bean Disk

I know that some people aren't really fans of the unique Taza chocolate texture describing it as gritty but I would definately go back to it after trying their offerings and would definately be interested in seeing what their other flavours were like; however out of the 2 flavours that I got to try the Salted Almond was the star of the show for me.

Taza Vanilla Bean Disk

Taste - 7.8/10 - Not as nice as the Salted Almond but still very nice with light vanilla and red berry notes.
Texture - 7/10 - Completely unique compared to other chocolates, more crumbly with larger particles.
Appearance - 7/10 - Not particularly bright or colourful but like how it is sectioned into triangles rather than cubes.
Price - 7.6/10 - These are priced at $4.50, I may buy these once at this price in the vanilla flavour but probably wouldn't go back to them.
Overall - 7.4/10 - Another unique chocolate product that was interesting to try.

To take a look at Taza's range of chocolates you can visit their website at

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