Thursday, 18 August 2011

Vosges Naga Exotic Bar

So far I've had quite a few hits and misses with Vosges, I loved their Mo Bacon bar and had similar feelings towards their Red Fire bar, however I wasn't all that impressed with their Peanut Butter Bon Bons so it was time to try another exotic themed chocolate bar : Naga complete with flavours of Indian Curry, Coconut and 45% deep milk chocolate.

The bar I got sent from Victora at The District Chocoholic was just a miniature size of the bar, as of course, she was unsure whether I would like it and I'm so pleased as unfortunately this bar just wasn't for me. I must say I did like how the bar was packaged in its dinky packaging it looked really sweet and just a nice morsel treat size for someone who's watching their waistline but still wants to enjoy a bar of chocolate; but alas the flavours just didn't hit the spot for me.

Vosges Naga Bar

The aromas presented by the bar reminded me very much of James' Moroccan Fish I reviewed with strong curried spiced smells of cinnamon + cumin, it was quite Indian Tasting so I suppose it did what it said on the tin but for me there just wasn't enough coconut flavours present in it.

Vosges Naga Bar

The coconut flavour did show itself by the bits of coconut in the bar that mellowed out the spices slightly but I would have liked it to come forward a bit more to give a creamier tropical flavour. To be honest I think the flavours of the Nagi bar would have worked better if they had been paired with dark chocolate rather than milk due to the spices present.

Vosges Naga Bar

Despite the texture being quite overall creamy it didn't bring the chocolate bar up to the standard where I wanted to devour it; the flavours just didn't have me jumping for joy and I think I will enjoy my milk chocolate and curried spices in separate occasions in the future!

Vosges Naga Bar

Taste - 5.9/10 - Didn't feel that the milk chocolate worked with the spices present and would have preferred more coconut in it.
Texture - 7.1/10 - A good relatively creamy texture.
Appearance - 6.8/10 - Liked how it was packaged in cute cardboard packaging although it is slightly deceptive with  how much chocolate you get inside.
Price - 6.7/10 - This bar is priced at $2.50, quite expensive for the amount of chocolate you actually get.
Overall - 6.6/10 - A fairly average bar that could have been made so much better.

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  1. curry chocolate sounds divine...

    ...I know that I always perceive the chocolates you get with coffee after having a curry has a curry taste to it...

    LOL it probably is just me ;o)

  2. I was iffy too on the Naga bar, but I LOVE the Vosges Bacon bar - too yummy!!