Saturday, 24 September 2011

Cote D'or La Bouchee White Chocolate

Sorry for a bit of a late post normally I would have had one up a bit earlier but I've been in Paris, the city of delicious chocolate! Wish I could have been there longer as despite many times up and down, round and round the city of Paris I still didn't get chance to find all the chocolate shops I wanted but managed to pick up a fair few good bits! Exciting! Anyway back to today's review, I thoguht it would be good to do something at least slightly European/French themed; since I haven't had a chance to try any of the chocolates I picked up yet I thought a review of the Milk Chocolate Cote D'or La Bouchee White would be appropriate.

I saw these in my local Fenwicks store quite some time ago and snapped it up immediately, since then they haven't been in since! Translating La Bouchee in French it actually means a morsel, and this is exactly what this little treat is, it's slightly bigger than a chocolate you may find in a selection but certainly not big enough to warrant it as a chocolate bar.

Unfortunately after much scouring of the packaging I couldn't find any details of what the filling inside actually was so it was down to my taste buds to see what I could find and then do the research later! Opening the packaging the shape of the a weird sort of way..actually reminded me of a Christmas turkey! With the side bits of the chocolate looking a bit like it's legs!

Cote D'or La Bouchee White

The filling inside is extremely sweet and when mixed with the white chocolate it was a bit of a sweetmess overdose; I mean it wasn't unpleasantly so, it didn't create that horrific burning feeling but you definately have to have a very sweet tooth to be able to enjoy this. I ate one and felt like I didn't want to see anything sugary for quite some time! The filling has extremely strong hints of a hazelnut praline with a thick rich texture, although it wasn't of extreme quality it did feel like an indulgent luxurious treat.

After devouring the poor little Christmas Turkey Cote D'or I did my research and found out exactly what the filling was, turns out it was a hazelnut, almond and cashew nut praline...hmm..yes I definately got hazelnut but not almond and definately not cashew!! These flavours were definately masked by the strong tastes of sugar, if only they had been allowed to come through.

Cote D'or La Bouchee White

If I had to describe this in one I would probably say that it is a more luxurious, tastier version of  a Guylian seashell that you might get. Nice for those of you that want something extremely sweet..or heck..use them as little chocolates on your Christmas dinner to give to guests after their main meal, haha.

Taste - 6.4/10 - Not unpleasant but extremely sweet.
Texture - 5.5/10 - Not amazing but certainly better than average and not dry whatsoever.
Appearance - 6.6/10 - looks like a Christmas Turkey..make with that what you will!
Price - 6/10 - I think this was about 69p, I think I'd rather go to a higher end chocolate store and buy one good chocolate rather than this.
Overall - 6.1/10 - A bit too sweet for me.

You can have a look at the Cote D'or website here.


  1. Hello!

    I've been tasting the bouchee; i've realised that the Milk and White varieties actually have different praline fillings!

    For the Milk, it's Cashew, Almond & Hazelnut.

    For White, just plain hazelnut.

    Got it from the Cote D'or Netherlands website.

    Chocolate research always leaves one feeling satisfied!


  2. Hi!

    Oh I see, the website I must have looked at must have been misinformed then! Thanks for the heads up! It certainly does haha