Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade + Competition!

As you may remember a few days ago I posted up a review of the new Thorntons Cherry Bakewell Tart that was released to celebrate their 100th year anniversary; as well as this a similar British summer treat bar has been released in the form of the Cloudy Lemonade Bar : a white chocolate bar complete with lemon oil and popping candy!

The bar is again presented in the usual format of nice easily breakable chunks and comes in a pale yellow packaging; reminiscent of the colour of cloudy lemonade. The white chocolate is made of Dominican Republic cocoa beans and contains no vegetable fat or artificial flavourings as so many white chocolates do; its nice to see Thorntons keeping the standard of chocolate excellent again.

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade

You can tell that the white chocolate is superior to that of the likes of Milky Bar etc, it doesn't have that same greasy disgusting feel to it and instead has a richer buttery texture thanks to the pure cocoa butter present in it. The lemon flavour is similarly non-artificial tasting providing a wonderful fresh edge to the creamy vanilla tasting white chocolate, to be honest this is one of the least sickly white chocolate bars I've ever tried and I think I could actually have eaten the whole bar without it being too much due to the lemon flavour giving it a nice tang that deterred away from any of the sweetness the white chocolate could have created.

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade

My only slight problem was that of the popping candy..yes it is fun and adds a different element to it, and yes it may be quite enjoyable in the first couple of cubes but by the time you get to your 3rd/4th piece you've really had quite enough of all the fireworks going off in your mouth and I actually got it where it started to hurt the back of my throat due to all the popping explosions going on! I definately would have preferred this without the popping candy and found that unfortunately you had to munch your way quickly through the chocolate if you wanted to stand any chance of your mouth not exploding.

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade

Nevertheless this was a good bar of chocolate but in the future if I wanted a popping candy experience I would go out and buy one of those kids pick n mix dip dab things.

Taste - 8.4/10 - Lovely creamy fresh tasting white chocolate with a delightful natural lemon flavour.
Texture - 6.8/10 - The texture of the white chocolate was great but the popping candy just ended up irritating me.
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Again liked the way that Thornton's present their bar chocolate.
Price - 8/10 - At £1.79 for an 80g block I think this is fairly good value and I would probably buy this again if it didn't have the popping candy in it.
Overall - 7.7/10 - Buy this for a child who loves popping candy and wants something a lot more tasty than a dip dab!!

You can buy this bar in any Thorntons shops or on their website www.thorntons.co.uk

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  1. I was about to say that I didnt like the sound of the cloudy lemonade bar but then it does have popping candy...

    ...so now I fancy trying some ;o)

  2. Oh ooo ooo oh [rushes to Thornton's to get some]

  3. I loved the Ritter Sport White chocolate bar when I was working in Germany. It is so hard to find in the UK

  4. I have to admit it was the popping candy that made it so yummy for me - I think that they balanced the white chocolate well, it wasn't just filled with vanilla and the popping candy for the "fizz" in the lemonade was kinda cute :-)

    Different strokes, eh?