Thursday, 20 October 2011

Chocolate & Love Crushed Diamonds

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When I went down to the Speciality Food Fair in September I got the pleasure of meeting with Richard O' Connor, one of the founders of the chocolate company Chocolate & Love and come back with this delicious looking Crushed Diamonds bar, consisting of a dark milk 55% chocolate with cocoa nibs.

For those of you that don't know Chocolate & Love is a chocolate company that believes in offering a standard of chocolate that is far superior to that of the commercial ranges, and not only produces its own range of bars, such as Crushed Diamonds, but also sells a range of International finer chocolates such as Amano, Amedei etc.

Chocolate & Love Crushed Diamonds

As stated above the Crushed Diamonds bar is somewhere in between a light dark chocolate/dark milk chocolate and is made using the finest beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru, so is perfect for people who are slowly trying to ween themselves off the more sugary commercial stuff a little step at a time but don't want something too dark and  bitter.

Firstly, I have to comment that I love how the bar itself was packaged, although the actual plastic wrapping of the bar is nothing amazing the lovely inner detail on the inside of the paper is excellent with really good information about the countries where the cacao was sourced from and how Chocolate & Love are giving back! I love it when a chocolate company puts a little special touch like this on their bars, it just makes them feel so much more personalised towards the customer.

Chocolate & Love Crushed Diamonds

I have to say that this is one of the creamiest, smoothest bars of chocolate that I have had in a long time, it was absolutely divine with an almost truffle like texture that melted thickly and sumptuously on the tongue before giving way to the nice crunch added by the cocoa nibs. It's not often that I like nibs etc in a bar as smooth as this as I feel that it imposes on the texture, but in this bar it just seems to work perfectly.

The cocoa nibs also brought a nice different background flavour to the bar; offering a burnt fruity flavour that was almost popcornesque to the light refreshing red fruit tastes that were emerging from the chocolate itself.

Chocolate & Love Crushed Diamonds

I think to  be honest this bar would suit anyone, I love dark chocolate but I didn't find this too sweet, my family love the commercial sweet stuff and they still loved this bar, I think its the perfect stepping stone into the world of finer chocolate; not only is it delicious but the texture has to be one of the best I've had in a long time making you just want to keep going back for more and more.

Taste - 8.4/10 - Not too sweet nor too bitter, a nice middle in between flavour to suit the masses with light red fruit notes.
Texture - 9/10 - So amazingly creamy, almost truffle like that just melts so thickly, coating your whole mouth in its delicious flavour.
Appearance - 8.6/10 - The chocolate has a good smooth shine and the inner packaging offers something a little different.
Price - 8.7/10 - This bar is only priced at £3.20, which to be honest I think is a complete bargain, I've paid a lot more for bars that haven't been anywhere near as good as this!
Overall - 8.7/10 - Definitely a bar to keep going back to!



You can buy this bar from the Chocolate & Love website and with a chance of winning one of their 4 diamond tickets to win a diamond worth £10,000 what better chance to grab a bar!

I would recommend this bar for anyone, but definitely someone who's used to indulging in sweeter stuff but wanting to broaden their chocolate horizons!

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