Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hotel Chocolat Boo Box - Dark

The nights are getting darker and despite our recent warm weather Halloween is nearly here and as usual Hotel Chocolat have produced a wide range of novel products suitable for all ages for the spooky season! Their take on Trick or Treating sees the creation of the Boo Box; a box of 16 individually wrapped chocolates in 6 different spooky shapes in either white, milk or dark chocolate, the product I will be reviewing is the dark collection cast in 70% Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Boo Box - Dark

On first appearance I really liked the look of this product; not only are all the chocolate shapes wrapped in their own cellophane wrapping in order to make it handy for trick or treaters but the actual chocolate shapes themselves are excellent and are much more spooky and realistic looking than many products you find lurking in the supermarket nowadays; ranging from a scrummy skull to a bewitching bat, perfect!

Hotel Chocolat Boo Box - Dark

It's such a shame that nowadays so many young trick or treaters come home with bags full of sugary "candy" and cheap chocolate that parents are able to pick up at bargain prices and this is where I feel that Hotel Chocolat really has brought it's unique appeal as these chocolates are certainly far better than I have ever seen anything given out to young Halloweeners before! Nevertheless normally children don't take to dark chocolate too well but this 70% dark chocolate isn't too complex and is a good creamy chocolate with slight honey & biscuit notes to it with a taste that isn't too bitter to put children off and provides a flavour that will help introduce children to the darker tastes easily and enjoyably!

Hotel Chocolat Boo Box - Dark

Whether you're a parent wanting to buy these for your child's Halloween party, to buy them for Trick or Treaters or even for yourself to share out on Halloween night I would definitely recommend the Boo Box from Hotel Chocolat, not only are they extremely spooky looking but they taste great. There's certainly something for everyone and with them being so easy to share out you might have to pinch a couple away for yourself for later!

Hotel Chocolat Boo Box - Dark

Taste - 8.7/10 - A tasty relatively sweet dark chocolate with light honey and biscuit notes.
Texture - 8/10 - The texture is good and smooth and melts deliciously in the mouth.
Appearance - 9.2/10 - Not only are they packaged excellently individually but all the shapes are well thought out and the packaging contains good nutritional information on the back.
Price - 7/10 - At £8.00 these work out at 50p per chocolate, which is quite expensive if you were planning to buy box after box of these, but for a Halloween party they're ideal.
Overall - 8.3/10 - I wish I was having a Halloween party just so I could show these off!



Children or adults alike at any spooky Halloween party or for extra special Trick or Treaters!


You can pick these up in any Hotel Chocolat store or at where they have a deal on at the moment if you buy 3 or more Boo Boxes you get them for £7 each.

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  1. The packaging looks really scary. But the different chocolate pieces looks really cool. Just the right one for Halloween :)