Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hotel Chocolat Horrif-Eyes

Another one of the products that Hotel Chocolat have released for their Halloween range is this delightful looking box of chocolates named "Horrif-eyes". This consists of a box of 6 white chocolates filled with a sticky gooey toffee caramel sauce and a large green coloured eyeball staring out from the middle of the chocolate at you!

Hotel Chocolat Horrif-eyes

This product fills a different need compared to that of the Boo Box; because of the smaller nature of this product it's probably not one to give out to trick or treaters but could be enjoyed either all by yourself or shared between a few friends at a spooky gathering!

Each chocolate is a good decent size and although the outer white chocolate shell is a bit flimsy leaving you with a slightly sticky mess on your hands the flavour is predominantly good. There's no doubt that these chocolates are extremely sweet and I could probably only eat one of them at a time but for a sugar fueled Halloween evening or for sharing them out they're ideal.

Hotel Chocolat Horrif-eyes

The white chocolate offers a classic light vanilla flavour whilst the interior caramel is a lot thicker than that of Hotel Chocolat's liquid caramels offering a flavour that reminded me more of a sticky toffee pudding sauce, with rich deep burnt caramel and toffee notes..yum! I much preferred the texture of the filling compared to that of more runnier caramels as instead of running all over the place it oozed nicely out of its white chocolate shell and allowed you to savour the chocolate at a slightly slower pace without you having to rush it down all at once in fear of caramel going everywhere!

Hotel Chocolat Horrif-eyes

These will definitely go down a treat with kids at Halloween, not only are they perfectly themed and packaged but they also provide a nice sweet kick that will get children everywhere begging for another one and with 6 to go around why not!

Hotel Chocolat Horrif-eyes

Taste - 7.3/10 - They were a tad too sweet for me but I can see what would really appeal to children with this product.
Texture - 7.7/10 - I found the thickness of the outer white chocolate shell a bit flimsy but the inner sticky toffee centre was deliciously smooth.
Appearance - 8/10 - Again wonderfully packaged and presented by Hotel Chocolat.
Price - 6.8/10 - At £6.50 a lot of people may not be willing to pay this at Halloween as it is quite expensive but if you want something really special for a little get together then these are your product!
Overall - 7.5/10 - A spooky sweet treat for your kids at Halloween!


Anyone with a really big sweet tooth or perfect for kids!


You can pick these up at any Hotel Chocolat store or at


  1. I'd like to see the day where I'd hand out Hotel Chocolat products to kids like they're candy! Not that they aren't candy, exactly... I'm thinking more cost-wise.

    What a terrific package - love the eyes peeping out of the package:)

  2. I brought them today at 50% off.They are lovely but i wouldnt have paid full price for them.Bargain at half the price though!