Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lindt Creation Coconut

Before I started chocolate reviewing and started trying more gourmet, higher quality chocolate, Lindt used to be one of my favourite brands. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy they're products, there's something I still enjoy about getting a Lindt Reindeer/ a box of Lindors at Christmas but when I compare the chocolate to other brands out there I've tried it just simply doesn't compare.

However I have yet to try a large amount of Lindt's bar range, fair enough their milk/dark chocolate may not be the best, but it's still relatively tasty in my books, so I wanted to see what the rest of their range had to offer; so when I saw this Lindt Creation Coconut Bar at Waitrose I just had to snap it up!

Lindt Creation Coconut

The Lindt Creation range is a bit different compared to their standard bars and consists of a larger bar of chocolate with thicker squares containing a variety of fillings. The Coconut bar that I picked up included an almost coconut creme filling that was then enrobed in the usual Lindt milk chocolate.

Lindt Creation Coconut

If you're expecting something like a Bounty this isn't really anything like it, the filling is much creamier and although there are a few coconut flakes here and there it is nowhere near as dry as the filling in the usual Bounty bar. The flavour that is present in the Creation bar is also a heck of a lot stronger; both the aroma on opening and the flavour that is present on tasting is so powerful and completely overpowers the classic creamy Lindt chocolate.

To be honest this sort of reminded me why I don't buy Lindt chocolate bars all that often, I do enjoy the chocolate on a special occasion when I have a really big sweet tooth, such as at festive periods, when they come in novel shapes and sizes but to me this coconut bar was just far too sweet and even the normally quite tasty Lindt chocolate was just left to be sort of a mild creamy flavour in the background. Far better than a Bounty but not one I would buy again.

Lindt Creation Coconut

Taste - 5.4/10 - It wasn't horrific but the coconut was quite overpowering and quite sickly sweet.
Texture - 7.2/10 - The coconut creme filling was smooth and moist with the amount of filling to outer chocolate being in good proportion.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - A relatively appealing looking bar with good sized squares.
Price - 6.6/10 - This was priced at £1.50 for a 150g bar, 1p a gram! Fairly reasonable and affordable but nothing amazing in the end product.
Overall - 6.4/10 - I prefer the festive treats offered!



Anyone looking for a bit more of an indulgent commercial bar that doesn't want to pay unaffordable prices or for anyone that has a sweet tooth and loves coconut!


Lindt can be bought in most supermarkets and department stores.


  1. Very good to know - thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm a huge coconut fan - so I may still have to try this. I might not mind the chocolate taking the back seat if if it's a quality coconut flavor.

  3. Just got back from the store.

    I like this chocolate actually. The main problem I see with it though, is that it's like 60% milk chocolate and 40% coconut. Now if I feel like some coconut, I'll buy a Bounty, and if I feel like eating milk chocolate, I'll buy some milk chocolate. This chocolate is for people who aren't that crazy about coconut I guess, because if they were they'd buy a Bounty.

    I still like the taste though. Definite coconut flavour with a slight crunch to the filling. I actually think the taste intensities of the cocolate and coconut are fairly well matched.

    All in all, as I said, if I feel like eating coconut candy in the future, I'll probably go for a Bounty. But it's always fun to try new stuff.

    It seems Lindt as makes a coconut chocolate called "Chocoletti Coconut": http://embed.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-thing/size/x/tid/12479047.jpg
    Looks like it contains a lot more coconut, and is covered in darker chocolate as well. Dark Bounty is my favorite Bounty, so I'd be very interested in trying this.

    Can you review this as well?